Heinous Crime

A long time ago, whenever one gets information that a person was stabbed; the whole nation reading through the incident would already be in a state of shock. Now, not anymore. It is just one of the ordinary, common place felony one encounters daily. While it merited front page news before, now it would not even find a good space at the back or middle portion of the tabloid. Crime, as it is expressed and committed at present can be described as monstrous, atrocious, odious, terrible, etc. At most, it is dreadful, shocking and scandalous. It can even be said as wicked and evil. Our vocabulary would have a term for his kind of criminal act; it is called heinous.

Where did this act come from? How did it evolve from a simple felony to an intense unlawful behaviour? It has been said, and this can be verified and validated in the crime index, that behind any revolting offense, an ex convict is not far behind. It is even surmised quite clearly that someone who has tasted incarceration may have ingrained an intense capability to inflict the highest form of cruelty on his target or victim. It can be out rightly assumed that the ex-convict himself is the only one who can manifest such brutality. Worst, it can even be presumed that such behaviour may have evolved from the persecution and suffering he had undergone while serving time; and, this can only be experienced in a prison situation. Prison service in the 60s was an agonizing episode for a prisoner, a period when those who survived learns to cope with distress and suffering and in return, gained that capability to likewise impose cruelty without suffering from pangs of conscience.

It was the decade of the 60s and onward to the 70s when the most gruesome experience undergone through riots had taken place in the penitentiary. Inmates at that time got a firsthand lesson on increasing the threshold of pain, of witnessing and even in participating in grisly and horrific acts against one another. Those who made good in their macabre activities were rewarded with gang positions usually at the top of their organization. Subservient inmates became bullies themselves to survive. Those who merely were charged and imprisoned for simple felonies would graduate into offenders with capability to commit dreadful and frightening acts. As they served and completed their time, their entry into the free society was to be an advent of their initiation. No longer were they survivors in a game of chance, this time they would head syndicates or train the uninitiated into a life of adventure with hideous outlook. They would usher in a new method in getting even, on levelling with those who made them suffer, imposing blatant and shocking means as a form of vengeance. They pursue and commit mayhem wherever they may be. They were the light bearers, the warriors of modern day callousness, whose essence was to spread hell in all corners of their universe. They have experienced it in prison and once released , they can broaden the sphere of impunity in a way where they can flourish.

It is only in managing correctly those persons under custody of law that this phenomenon of heinous crimes can be controlled if not totally eradicated.


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