It has been said that man, the so called Homo sapiens, has a lot in common with all living things— genes, character, intelligence and even those that animates or that which creates life. Plants and animals must reproduce if only to further their specie. Everything revolves around infinite movement and sex. Man thought for some time that he was on the same plane, on a similar path, on the usual level with all animate inhabitants of the planet, from bacteria to giant mammals. But there is a marked difference, quite tenuous and hazy but a great divergence after all. Man is the only living creature that can think not in the instinctive way, but in a contemplative manner. Man is the only living creature that can utilize the stimulating and omnipotent power of his mind.
Of course, mankind has no match when it comes to the fury of nature. He, like any living matter, easily succumbs to its might. His mind could as yet control nature and use it to his advantage. But science is getting nearer. Man has formulated technology at this time and he has lived comfortably like no other time. He has to tame nature through the technology he has invented, use its awesome power to propel his vision to greater heights. Man must conquer everything and even redefine miracle to mean that he could also perform it at the flick of a finger.
There are however lapses which he must address. He has to find a cure against cancer. He must reckon his medical know- how to lick away Aids HIV infection. He must find a way to control terrorism and crime; write off even from his jargon any reference to war and bigotry. Man is still far from what perfection is yet he is trying everything to fulfil it. It is not outside his competence but within the sphere of his awareness.
His imagination knows no boundaries and he can stretch the limits of his mind. He has that capacity, something which no other living being could exercise. With his competence, he was able to conquer the skies. He could even muster enough calculations that he was even able to leave his planet and proceed to the moon and other planets later. Not only that, he marvelled at space and recently landed a robotic machine right at the surface of planet Mars and into some galactic space. He has as yet to probe the deepest part of his planet, address the most tedious thoughts ever haunting man like devising a system that would allow man to live forever. He is already in the process of entering into this realm.
As it were, there are computations on how to arrive at the equation of longevity. Accordingly, ageing is not a normal flow of man’s nature. Although man follows very closely the life cycle of all creatures, man holds the key in reversing it. His mind is an exceptional instrument that could understand and analyze, invent and develop the necessary response to any problem. Properly trained it can also send signals, redo physics and conduct metaphysical configuration on matter.
If at all man has reached the pinnacle of his analysis as in failing to discover or even concoct some cures to his ailment, he can dictate his body to heal itself. Mind over matter, as they say. It has been a component which ancient philosophies and current medical doctrines have in common. But it does not mean that man must rely on such gift of posturing. He still must have to contrive the proper remedy so that it could be used to treat the whole of mankind especially those not predisposed in healing oneself, let alone being dependent on science to cure his diseases.
On the whole, man has already in a scientific way, explored the rudiments of that concern we call immortality. Unlike in the olden days, man may yet to live forever.

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