EVOLUTION: Explained

EVOLUTION: Simplified
General Gaudencio Pangilinan (current Director of Corrections) one afternoon indulged a number of his staffers to a small talk by way of reducing their stressful work. His staff was compelled to prepare the details of the agency roadmap and that is quite strenuous given the timeline for said activity to produce materials. It is a research feat heavier than any academic assignment. Anyway, the afternoon soiree went this way:
Gen. Gaudencio Pangilinan (GSP): “I intend to share with you some ideas. And mind you, I expect that all of you should participate and respond. I do not want anyone of you to suffer the same fate as that of a former colleague of mine, a general at that, who was very silent during the course of our discussion, only to be airlifted later for food poisoning!”
Staffers: “Why food poisoning Sir?!!”
GSP: “Since the general never spoke during that period, he swallowed a lot of spoiled saliva!!!!”
Staffers: “Hahahaha!” We will take note sir!”
GSP: Now, ok, are you familiar with evolution?”
Staffers: “Yeeeees, siiiiiiir!”
GSP: “Okay, what about evolution? What do you think it is all about?”
Staffer A whispering to Staffer B: “Hehehe, I think it is about a story of a monkey becoming man.”
Staffer C: “Sir, it is a concept advanced by Charles Darwin.”
GSP: “Okay, very good. Listen up. Evolution is about changes. We are all aware of the fact that we are all made up of genes. These are like microchips in our body that receives a lot of stimulation, responses and they accumulate a number of impressions which make up our entire physical and intellectual posture. Now let me pose a question to each one of you. How old is your father when you were born?”
Staffer A: “Sir, I think my father was 22 years old at that time.”
Staffer B: “Sir, my father 25 years old when I was born.”
Staffer C: “In my estimation sir, I think my father was 31 years old at that time because I am the youngest.”
GSP: “The reason why I asked your father’s age is this. From zero age to what his age at the time of your birth, he has accumulated a lot of ideas, experiences, perhaps failures, successes, skills, etc. Those would be imprinted in his genes. So that when you are born, you are already carrying those genes with you. If your father is old enough when you were born, chances are you are a better slice than those whose father is relatively young. The genes carried by those whose father is older are more matured, more adjusted and more developed. That is what evolution is all about when seen in the perspective of one’s character.
Staffers: “Ohhh.”
Note: I read a book sometime ago (I forgot the title though) that discussed a certain Jewish tradition pertaining a marriage arrangement made following an ancient tradition. Accordingly, a woman’s age is multiplied by two plus seven. That would be the ideal age of her man on their wedding period. Example, a woman is 18 years old. 18 is multiplied by 2 equal 36, plus 7 is 43. Hence, the man in the middle east especially so in Israel is years older than his wife. If this is true, then it is understandable why Jews have more intellectuals and geniuses than any country in the world.

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  1. Nice story, makes you think. Super Venjo, mag column ka na 🙂


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