The Asian Institute of Management is an educational facility like no other.  While all schools and institution for learning promise its graduates success, AIM on the other hand requires its applicants to be successful already.  It is therefore awkward to interact in an AIM class if one has not reached the pinnacle or apex of his career.  And besides, the admission fee for a course is enough to send all your favorite neighbors to an exclusive medical school!

What is therefore the basis for an AIM education?  It is not so much on what one learns although AIM started a rigorous academic exercise in analyzing and studying cases at a dizzying pace and the numerous interactive deliberation on understanding the basis and cause of  triumph and failure, the emphasis is no longer in erudition but more on affection and concern.  One learns not from  the professorial stage but through interfacing with the class.  One learns to deal and relate more than to memorize and consider data. One is exposed to the rudiments of fair play rather than taught the mechanics of winning in trouble.  In other words, one is persuaded on the true meaning of success.

Passing through an AIM education is being reminded of a sense for humanity.  One discards eventually the mechanics of competition in favor of camaraderie.  Unity is more focused in discussion rather than disunity.  Synthesis rather than antithesis.  A blend of shared understanding rather than a mixture of confusion.  Governance over weakness.  One gets an education if only one is already educated.

It is purifying the pure, distilling the untainted, making wholesome one who is clean already. That is what it means to be in AIM.

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