A sociologist once claimed that from the time mankind manifested his presence on earth up  to the present, he estimated that humanity has around 600 generations that passed through already.  Our generation, the 601st generation—using the sociologist’s measurement,  comprising an average of 100 years, a centennial of generational existence would have created and affected man’s evolutionary progression.  It may not necessarily mean physical but mostly technological.  For the last 600 generations, ok, 601st including this period, mankind has made strides to fulfill his short mission on earth.  It could mean living up to the ripe age of 100 or a little over or living through less than that—whichever.  What happened in between the centennial period is for history to cover and uncover.

Man contemplates a lot even from the time he learned the use of tools during the Stone Age.  And look what he has done at present using tools defining and defying what could have been considered before as interventions of the gods.  Man has evolved into some kind of a god too.  He can communicate through wireless means.  Transplanting internal organs thereby extending and enhancing more lives has become an order of the civilized day.  He can impose any act which before were even considered miracles.  Man at present could live and enjoy life forever.  To be weak and disabled because of natural time is a medical embarrassment. 

The advent of internet has given Man the information he needed to understand everything.  Knowledge is already in his fingertips.  He can make or unmake himself.  He can be a better person or the worst he ever would dream of.  Man finally has the option to face the world.  He can be at peace in war, or at war in peace.  He can devastate his health or live through in a healthy way.  He can challenge nature, live with it, or outside of it and still be satisfied in the process.  He can choose to be a hero or exist as a heel, his options, his choice; his rational acceptance depends largely on that which will make him happy.  There are those who wanted wealth as basis for contentment, there are others who are blissfully graced when living under penury.  Man can have his cake and eat it too.

Man is a perfect being.  Although no philosophy has ever claimed that it is so, his progression from his past up the present indicates that it is so.  He can perpetuate himself and defy nature because while he is a part of nature, he is above it.  He can dictate and use nature in a manner he so desires.  Nature once controlled him but when he discovered knowledge, whether it is from the tree of life or from experimentation, he has virtually made himself independent and in control of nature.  Nature may have wreck havoc on his physical well being but he can heal himself.  He can even transcend nature through his thoughts and ideas.  Man’s genius or ingenuity has made nature a part of himself and not the other way around.

There are ailments, diseases if you may, which can ruin man’s quest for immortality.  These are part of nature trying to hold down and control man’s capability to overcome its effects.  Man has already discovered the treatment for impossible-to-cure disorders.  But commerce and greed dictate that he should never complete it.  Man still or a better part of mankind adheres to the idea that he is a part of nature and therefore dependent on its will.  If only man realizes that with knowledge he can live forever, that with ideas he can win the forces of universe, he will become the main component, a creation made in the true image of God.

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  1. rexy morales

    You are right Chief… Only man is created in the image of God. and yet Man..seemingly forgets this all the time.. He has become a world on his own, an individualistic , greedy and self-centered creation that is hopelessly seeking for something which he himself does not know…
    We are all God’s children,and therefore, we inherited something from our parent.. something that is imbedded in our hearts. This is what we call Goodness..Despite our weaknesses and faults, there is an inherent goodness in our heart.. something that can also be found in an offender’s being….

    Looking for meaning in one’s life is a cliche…you cannot look for something which is already in you….you just have to open your eyes..


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