Sometime ago, my “ina-anak” (goddaughter) went to see me in my office and bid me adieu because she would leave for Japan to seek greener pasture.  At that time, I had a visitor, a Japanese investor.  My foreigner friend was in town because according to him, there is money in the Philippines.   I introduced my Japanese friend to my ina-anak.  And it was a very awkward situation.  I told my kid that my friend is in town because he will earn here.  Thereupon, I told my Jap buddy that my kid will go to Japan because she will earn there.  Now where will that leave me?

*     *     *

My daughter, a registered nurse, left for New Zealand, there to study and hopefully gain employment.  She must cough up so much so that she could travel in that place.  And there she was struggling to wear several layers of clothing while in school and while on training.  The climate is unbearably cold for people born in the tropics.  But she was there eventually to earn a living also.  I could just imagine how she must have to reinvent her climatic disposition if only to adapt to her new environment.

*     *     *

In the past, as gleaned from my readings on penal history, those who have committed grave offenses were thrown out of the country.  And for a time, people never toed the line.  They knew that outside their country, there is pain, maladjustment and loneliness.  In contemporary times especially in this country, to be abroad is no longer a punishment but a challenge.  9 out 10 citizens wanted to leave the country.  Most of those who succeeded even allowed themselves to be victimized and enslaved in the process and yet the line for the exit door is getting longer everyday!

*     *     *

I have a classmate in college who retired early.  His wife, a bank official likewise followed suit.  My classmate however remained in the country visiting his friends, including me.  His wife was never contented in the country and so she left for abroad.  To her mind, she could still find a suitable work and she was still young at that but preferred to retire early to explore some dollars.  For a while, there was the good life until she suffered an ailment.  She had successive stroke that rendered her almost lifeless.  She was in a place far from her country, far from her family and she was staying in a hospice she had no idea where.  Worst, the massive hemorrhage in her brains blocked whatever memories she has.  The family is now in a quandary how she could be repatriated back.

*     *     *

            My son, a renowned visual artist who dabbled in shoe design and fashion wear wanted to explore the art world beckoning in London.  The Philippines, he must be thinking,  is already too small for his craft.  He must show his wares somewhere outside of the country.  After all, it was his creativity that marked every fashion detail the popular international showgirl Lady Gaga featured in her concerts.  But is it worth the try?  He must dip at the bottom of his pocket to source his way abroad.  It was not his talent that would take him to such great lengths but his and his parents’, resources.  Some kind of investment in a plan which ends could not be projected.  But he must persevere.  He got the ticket for London stiff it ought to be and now, this; his wherewithal must also be secured.  What a sacrifice.

*     *     *

I recently visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as guest lecturer in a Prison Forum.  The place is great and very progressive.  A lot of foreign investments flowing everywhere.  Malaysian constitution allows foreigners to own land and manage their own businesses in the area.  Malaysian government is encouraging foreign capital to its shores under one condition though.  These foreign investment firms should only hire Malaysians.  Not even the local Chinese or Indians are allowed.  As a matter of fact, employing other nationalities from Malaysia or elsewhere is some kind of taboo.  I have never seen a Filipino in that side of the corporate world.

*     *     *

My friends and relatives were impressed when they learned that I went to Kuala Lumpur.  I doused their enthusiasm.  I told them the place is no-good.   It is still better here in the Philippines.  Taxi in Kuala Lumpur is lousy.  Our local cab smells better.  The people there are not smiling, worst, they always pout.  Here smiling is the order of the day and those who pout ends up usually in the emergency room!  Kuala Lumpur is picture perfect if your intention is to have a good background in your facebook account.  Outside of that, nothing comes nearer.


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