“Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?

____Alfred Lord Tennyson

I dreamt something out of the  ordinary last night.  Or perhaps I should say I should have dreamt of this earlier on.   My dream was so real that when I woke up I was all smiling, contented and in high spirits.  It was about my sister.  Last time I heard and saw her, she was a shadow of a vibrant career woman, a mere outline of that scholarly matron that she groomed herself to be.   (She underwent radiation therapy and thereafter, another procedure for kidney therapy which literally emasculated her strength)    But in my dream it was a different persona she exuded.

In my dream, I was alone, some how contemplating, in a coffee nook inside a sleek shopping mall of suburban Manila relishing a hot cup of cappuccino (a routine whenever I am in Manila).  For a while, I felt that I should have pastry to go with my drink, so I rose up from my seat and knocked at the cashier’s window.  In reality, coffee shops have instant ushers to take orders and payment but in that instance there was only one personnel and the fellow was hidden from the view.  The cashier’s widow was like that of PAL’s reservation ticket (where I always proceed whenever I book my flights).  While trying to get the attention of the cashier, I noticed her seated near the vault, dressed in familiar flowery pink gown.  The lady was a bit chubby, the mannerism very scholastic and the facial expression very recognizable and typical.  I was surprised.  The lady was my sister!  She’s there after all.  I have not seen her for quite sometime.  But in that occasion, she was hale and healthy.

I took another look, feeling a bit apprehensive since I might get embarassed if she was only a look-alike.  I retreated back to my seat, seeped the remaining coffee and tried to compose myself from the excitement.

I again rose up to my feet and decided to call my sister.  I know her even from a distance.  I went to the cashier window and saw my sister, that time already very busy in putting things in bundle.  She was very busy.  At her work station in Colombo Staff College, no one can disturb her if he she is down concentrating.  It was precisely this predisposition that would prove unhealthy for her.  She must have controlled her bladder and intestinal requirements, always completing the academic tasks foremost than her personal situation.  She has forgotten the fact that whatever our bodies want, it should take foremost attention.  Failing to respond would make us terribly sick.  That contributed to her ailment for which she has suffered  from and now trying to recover for her convalescence.  No, I cannot raise my voice yet to call my sister, she was very occupied.

And so I returned back to my seat.  I was jittery but composed.  I was trying to check from a distance where the door leading to the cashier’s corner.  To my mind, I would just wait for her to come out.  I was also waiting for some customers to order their drinks so that it would force my sister to move out and serve.  It was during this period that my dream terminated.  On waking up, I took note and made some impressions, presuming that in my dream, my sister has changed her job already—from school administrator to a working manager of goldilocks coffee station.  I think that was cool.

Could my dream foretell that finally my sister has recovered fully?  Yes and No.  Yes, from the absence of worried calls from my nieces, I would presume that my sister is already on the road to recovery.  And No, if she is still struggling and as yet to gain the necessary strength to recuperate.

I texted my daughter to check on my sister.  She responded that my sister is better than her situation before.  She has regained strength but not fully.  She could move around with little difficulty but still wheel chair bound.

I just hope that my dream would come to full reality, not necessarily for her to become a manager of a coffee joint but for her health to achieve total restoration.


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