A BRAVE NEW WORLD :Letter to a Friend

Greetings my dear Pareng Joel,

Well, come to think about it, we are not that old yet.  I am in my late 50s and you in mid 60s only.    We still have an active life span stretching up to thirty and forty years more barring accidents or nature’s fury.    That’s an awful lot of time if we factor the technological advances we are enjoying and employing at the same time.

A year spent today may be equivalent to almost five years a generation ago.  Living through another three decades added unto our age means transcending three wholesome generations, assuming that each generation is ten years flat.  What to do with the remaining years is as exciting as what transpired before without the gadgets we have at present.

Today, we have advantages which our ancestors never had the opportunity of handling.  Now, we can communicate at a rate faster, much faster than before.  We can share our ideas to a number of recipients at the speed of sound.  We can get information instantly without leaving the bedroom.  We can even see places without lifting our feet.  Knowledge is common place and life itself can already be treated like an ordinary game.  The mystery and sacredness of living is within our reach.

While you were trying to contemplate on how to resolve economic concerns, you probably are enjoying also the freedom of exploring ideas without the benefit of organizational stress.  I fantasize about a period when I can think clearly without anyone forcing me;  I fantasize a time which is not borrowed.  I fantasize on working without anyone nagging for an accomplishment.

You have successfully gained enough autonomy from unnecessary responsibilities and your schedule follows closely that of a person living comfortably without restrictions and possibly with reckless abandon.  What a creative lifestyle.  Well, except for the annoying requirements of civilization which we must have to settle like water, shelter, electricity and a host of other trivial matters, everything from a perspective seems perfect.  It is one area I wish to explore and aspire to get into.

But it is unfortunate to hear that you will be conscripted into another structure to sustain your survival in the civilization.  Sana we could hit on something that would take care of those mundane considerations so that we will have all the grand time in the world tinkering with ideas and sharing it without hassles, pressures, timelines and strains.  I have as yet to get out from the morass of organizational life and would like to jump out into the dizzying loveliness of freedom.  In your case, you have it and you have done it.  It’s just a pity that you are saddled with a lot of concerns delimiting your capacity to concentrate on other creative pursuits.  I may also encounter the same challenges with less thrills if I would follow suit without safety nets.

Nonetheless, I look forward to that day when we both would be out there conquering the world like Socrates (who was 85 when he started), Col Sanders (who at 68 began his Kentucky Fried Chicken),  Deng Shiao Peng (who at 86 began to rule China and pushed it to become a world economic power), and a lot more.

Regards and best wishes.



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  1. I have not checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂


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