I wrote you this letter to tell you something I heard from several wise people.  These are the guys you seldom would consult (because they are busy with their world), seldom would you meet (because they are diffident) and probably, seldom you would encounter (because they seem to be out of this world).  They are never concerned with anything but to win.  Winners never look back.  Their minds are set and always in the mode to anticipate.  They are forward looking.  If you are beside them, or immediately behind chances are, either you inhale their perspiration or get engulfed in their dust.

Not that I also wanted to be one of them although at times I wonder whether I was able to cope with their discipline but it’s fun to know how they do things.  Winners have that special quality which is never propagated although wrapped in what they refer to as discipline.  They would even proclaim that discipline makes them work harder.  It is in hard work, in audacity that they made their laurels and that’s it.  People are awed at their performance wondering whether the gods favor them or they were just lucky to be at the right time and at the right place.

I tell you what.  These people merely wanted you to appreciate their capabilities.  They wanted to show that they are gifted, extraordinary and exceptional.  They wanted to show the world that their talents are amazing and that it borders along the weird and the bizarre.  That is not true.  There is no such thing as peculiarly great or strange.  Everything is normal, every matter is ordinary.  The winner is never unusual although one can say that his feat may be astonishing.

My point here is this.  To win is a matter of thought.  It is something that you have to learn at the onset.  It is something simple that you must do.  No remarkable or special effort actually, just plain acting.

Let me tell you something before I begin.  I think you would agree with me that “time waits for no one.”  It is not only a phrase lifted from a song in the 70s but it is admittedly something which no one can defy.  Even Kings and the most powerful people on earth are subject to time, nobody is exempted.  You defeat it, ergo, you are already a winner.  But can it be defeated?

There is a way however.  And that spells a lot as far as winning is concerned.  No I am not referring to cosmetic products to arrest aging or the looks of it.  Nor to any surgical procedure which could literally project a sudden change in a person’s complexion as it rejuvenates and deceptively proclaim a person’s age reduced to ten years younger.  This is not winning.  As a matter of fact, this is just whining.

There are days you would encounter to which you might quip, “not my day.”  From there on, you go on a losing streak and immediately thereafter, depression sets in.  You feel unlucky, wretched and ill fated to fulfill anything.  In others, the feeling is moribund bordering on doom.  That is right, you are not only a loser for the day, you have lost everything that comes along all throughout the day!

Now here is where I will tell you a little move to win and defeat time.  Call it trivial.  Call it inconsequential or trifling but it could spell the difference between your success and failure.  Before you sleep, tell yourself (you have done this countless times already on another aspect though), that you will wake up, say, at 6 o’clock in the morning.  Here comes the crux of the matter.  If you wake up before said time, you WON already.  You have opened your day to a number of opportunities where you are on top and almost above the ordinary.  Here you have defeated time.  Here you have virtually defied time.

Without you even being aware of it, you have already WON.  You are already a WINNER.  On the other hand, you wake up after the time you designated, then that’s the end of luck for you.  You are vulnerable and a walking victim already.  You will be accident prone.  You have no choice actually but to win against TIME.

But winning is not the end of it.  I will write you again another letter.  And, in said correspondence, I will explain how you will manage your winning streak and be unbeaten in any negotiation.  As you know, life is full of challenges.  Everywhere there is competition.  As wags put it, it’s a dog-eats-dog.  But let this small detail in defeating time sink into your consciousness first.  It takes time to immerse in something wholesome.  Let your system acclimatize itself on this routine.  Be contented on a small winning streak.  Once you have internalized it, you will receive another note from me.

So my dear loved ones try to be a winner.  It does not entail a great effort, only a minimal awareness.

Regards and be always attentive.

Your ancestor,



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