I write daily and it has been automatic for me as soon as I get up from bed.  First, I make a summary of what I will do for the day, comparing notes which I have done the previous day.  Then, I open my computer and internet to check on the latest news and opinion, the editorial most especially and some updates on sports.  Having been refreshed with the current situation, I would check my Facebook account for some mundane concerns.  Facebook offers tremendous, almost real time, update on what is going on not only around but on matters directly affecting friends and close relatives.  Having navigated a stream of concern in 30 minutes, I am prepared to write my piece.  This is sent and submitted to my blog site, my very own—http://www.philippineprisons.com.

My blog site is a personal window for my varied expressions.  And for quite some time it attracted a following, meager though it may be, but for me it is already an audience.  Sharing my essays through social network expanded further my audience and it goes without saying, stretched the sphere of my literary influence.  The comments I am constantly receiving were very generous and flattering.  And if I ever I would encounter a negative reply, it was mostly if not a direct response to the one who made a favorable comment on my piece.


Climate Change Indicator

Climate Change Indicator

The recent (December 4, 2012) storm code named “Pablo” was a revelation for the island of Mindanao, especially for the entire denizens of Davao province.  Old folks swore that for the last 40 years, they have never experienced having a storm of this magnitude.  Davaoenos are familiar with rain drops as big as a bucket—-volume of rain in Davao for five minutes is equivalent to a half day downpour in Manila—but a storm packing with furious winds at 172 kph is a nightmare; especially so in an area mainly devoted to banana plantation.  The succulent banana tree could not withstand such wind velocity above 50 kph, how much more if it is somewhere above 100 kph.  The entire plantation would be blown down.  Instead of banana fruits, the province would be haven for mushroom production in a few weeks!


I spent the last few days testing the waters of reading without writing.  As a matter of fact, I wallowed in the printed world for more than a week.  And why not.  The books that are available are too tempting to read, it is almost a crime to ignore and not to read those materials at all.  The book “Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir” is an engaging literary gem.  I found this book, 3 inches thick reference, a wonderful autobiography.  I almost forgot to sleep for two days just by reading through every statement written by an accomplished personality.  It revealed a period in Philippine history of which I am an active part.  The book really is a treat.  I have just completed reading the biography of Steve Jobs of the Apple computer fame written by a professional biographer Walter Isaacson, one who also wrote the biography of Albert Einstein.  The Steve Jobs biography is also an arresting material.  These two books combined, almost palm size in thick, are noteworthy pieces of great eminence.  It contains almost all brilliant nuggets of wisdom.  Aside from describing prominent personalities and revealing their characteristic individuality, the book shared also a lot of secrets hitherto unknown.  While I have only read two books for the week, it was a very rewarding experience.  It is as if I have lived the lives of two important personalities that have inhabited the planet in a very remarkable way.


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  1. Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Corrine



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