lucky punch

It is that element that separate success and failure, victory and defeat, joy and agony.

Topping the Bar exams, being nominated as standard bearer, achieving blockbuster status, winning instantly is everything that characterize and define what a lucky punch is.  One need not even factor preparation and hard work.  All it takes was to be in the right place and at the right time.  It is an expression full of reality.  Ask those who are on top and chances are, they landed where they are because of, well, luck.  Some ascribe it as fate, a favorable one, hitched on a star as the saying goes.

The debacle of Manny Pacquiao in the fistic blow from his challenger Marquez had all the earmarks of a lucky punch carried in a blistering way.  It made the expression a literary one.  Not that Pacquiao deserved it, or that Marquez was not capable of it, but it was there for all of us to see.  A last second effort, the right hand of Marquez waiting for that instance and for Pacquaio bobbing into the flight course of that mighty shot.  It was also the same blow, well, a lucky punch that Pacquiao delivered to his erstwhile opponent, Hatton, sometime ago.  This time around it fell on him.


A month ago, NBP was rocked with an explosive issue—granade explosion inside the maximum security camp—and it sent prison administration into a tailspin.  Media stoked the flames through incessant reportage until finally; the Department of Justice unleashed a series of orders sending a score of prison officials to the arctic region to be frozen.  Tough luck.  There was no interesting issue at that time hogging the front pages hence, the usual filler to excite the people—prison trouble.

While prison administration was still licking its institutional wound, another incident of graver proportion exploded.  A convicted bank robber escaped from its custody.  The notoriety of the offender preceded his record as the law enforcement agency immediately announced and sent alarms to the public.  The leader of a dreaded gang accordingly may be preying on malls and banks once again.  The dangerous person is once again on the loose.

Almost instantly, the Secretary of Justice announced the relief of several prison guards in charge of manning the security of the gates where the incident transpired.

On that day, a day after the Pacquiao dramatic defeat, the prison service suffered also a lucky punch from an escape incident sending the institution splayed on the canvas of public opinion once again and this time,  down on its face.


The recent storm that lashed out in Mindanao literally blew down several hectarage of banana plantation.  In Davao del Norte alone where most of the farms are dedicated to banana farms, there is an estimated 10,000 hectares affected.

It was a sudden climate change which old timers never expected.  It was another case of a lucky punch for a number of banana growers.

TIDBITS.  The predominant variety of banana produced in Davao del Norte is called Cavendish.  It is comparatively bigger and longer than its local counterpart.  It is less sweet too.  But the Japanese market requires its constant exportation because of all varieties of banana, the Cavendish has a greater density of potassium, that mineral which makes muscles healthy and firm.


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