prison architecture

Dear Supt Tesoro,

Good day…ako po si Joy Sayangda,BS Architecture-5 from the University of La Salette Santiago City,Isabela.

Kasalukuyan po ang thesis ko: PROPOSED REGIONAL PRISON AND PENAL FARM for Region @ which is to be located in Cordon,Isabela.

I am aiming po for the COMFORT of Inmates through Architectural Approach. Since wala pong Correctional Architecture sa Philippines.

The concept of my proposal sir is “REFORMATION THROUGH THE CONCEPTS OF ARCHITECTURE.” As it was explained to me by the Supervisor of Education in CIW,SECURITY and REFORMATION are the two goals of the correction.Dahil po sa dami ng naresearch ko about our penal institutions Ive learned that it is presently awful living  inside.My term of applying COMFORT is to ease further emotional.psychological and physical effects of imprisonment to inmates whose lives are doomed.That I have learned the fact that being deprived of one’s liberty is already  punitive.

To ease and aflame HUMAN RIGHTS,since it’s what we all respect culturally,is to give the rights and just “ang para kay juan ay para kay juan” is what I want to show in my proposal.That through Architecture we can make the change we deserve to give to these people whoever and whatever made them up.That through Architecture,we can show that a boring and unhappy place can be a nicer place to live life fully even way is inside.

Iniisip ko na po kasi sir kung ako o pamilya ko ang mga makukulong—EVERYBODY DESERVES A FAIR LIFE.hehhehehehe”,)  JOY*



Dear Joy,

Any facility designed for incarceration is never an enjoyable area.  As a matter of fact, the deprivation of liberty, the loss of freedom, the air of regimentation and absolute totalitarian climate makes it indeed an awful if not a traumatic experience.  Even if you install a split type airconditioning system complete with digital television with top of the line food for the prisoner, the experience of imprisonment is still awful and unfortunate.  Prison administrators cannot reduce the psychological and pathological effect of detention even if everything around the prison camp is written in comfort.  Comfort cannot be introduced into the consciousness of inmates unless one is about to be released.  For the prisoners, the promise of integration into the free community is already a inch closer to what we refer to as comfort.

The only way architecture can alleviate the condition of present day correctional facilities is through a design which promotes spatial consideration.  All prisons and jails all over the country are suffering from loss of space, from congestion, from sardine-like situation.  Architectural  concepts dealing with space or designing something that would liberally partake of greater spatial zones makes a great idea in the fulfillment of prison rehabilitation.

Boredom and the state of unhappiness are personal characteristics which cannot be changed through infrastructure.  This is where the trained professional prison worker comes in.  These professionals are the catalyst in behavior modification.  We can have the best basketball court in town, complete with rubberized flooring and glass boards but when the referees are incompetent, there will always be trouble and violence.

Human rights is a borderline issue in correctional administration.  For how can human rights per se be imposed in prison when the fountainhead of human rights is freedom.  Prisoners lost it by way of violating the law.  The courts and the corrections pillar have to clip the right of freedom, thus effectively reducing the offender’s human rights.  Remember that when we say “right” it is something that cannot be taken away, like right to life.  There are basic human rights however and these are mainly referred to as privileges.  In prison, it is privilege more than right that is contemplated.

Kaya kung tayo makukulong, let us not expect a grand area for reception.  Magdala na lang ng madaming libro at sa isang sulok, magbasa ng magbasa na lang.  There is real comfort in reading and in spending time with literature.  Regards.  VJT



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  1. in my own opinion, dapat gawing mas nakakatakot at mala imperyeno ang buhay sa kulungan…para matakot gumawa ng krimen yang mga criminal na yan. Eh kung gagawin mong parang bahay bakasyunan yang kulungan eh dina matatakot at dina magdadalawang isip gumawa ng krimen yang mga masasamang loob na yan, kasi iisipin nila na ok lang pala makulong eh masarap naman pla ang buhay sa kulungan…Lalong dadami ang kriminal sa Pilipinas..Ako may kapatid akong labas masok sa kulungan at wala rin ako masamang karanasan sinasabi ko lang tong sa aking sariling opinyon.


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