The transformation was not without basis.  Almost instantly, all opinion makers, political bloggers, correspondents, columnists, literati of every stripe—be they authors, novelists, playwrights, poets, journalists, essayists or critics—became, overnight, sports writers.  Everyone suddenly found time to analyze and express thoughts on what could have been a year-end shocker—-the Pacquaio’s one minute dreamland adventure.

The cyberspace likewise became a veritable market place for personal and social manifestation of one’s stand regarding the Pacquaio-Marquez quadrology.  Everybody has an illustrated phrase.  The sports world suddenly vibrated into life, articulating the most demonstrated personal accounts brought about by a single boxing match.  And it is not even a world title one.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum summed it up in exclamation, “What a fight!”  It was indeed one hell of a fight which he tried to sell the world, and the universe responded positively with high gate receipts, absolute pay-per-view gain, product endorsement galore and media hype.  It was a thoroughly clean fight, without implied fixing, mafia connections, under the table deal, unholy alliance conducted in a place considered sinful—the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas.  It was unthinkable for bettors to have an instance where their wages are treated as sacred stakes.


poor farmer

Mindanao has been transformed into a haven for scam artists of every persuasion.  Landgrabbers, political glib talkers, religious dogmatists, pyramid organizers and land speculators.  Name a money making venture and it is there in all corners of the province ready to pounce as it successfully pounced hundreds if not thousands of innocent citizens already.  It has been bruited out that Mindanao is the “Land of Promise.”  And indeed, it has kept and virtually lived within its label.  Some people wanted to outsmart one another capitalizing on promises and after fleecing the people, they retire somewhere with their loot.  Such is the fate of a number of people mostly dirt poor farmers and marginal tribes dotting the countryside.


In Davao Prison and Penal Farm alone, several groups of claimants succeeded in endorsing their petition to government agencies, primarily the Department of Agrarian Reform.  Once their petitions are received and marked officially that it has been received, the petitioners would recopy said received documents and would use it as evidence to show those they are recruiting that their petitions to be granted lots are approved already.  With minimal amount, those recruited would sell their assets, carabaos and pieces of property if only to be awarded with a promise of a developed hectare in Davao prison.  Scores of farmers would troop to Davao prison and would badger prison authorities to issue to them what they have paid for.  Such is the fate of farmers who were lured by land speculators.  Worst, the speculators would argue that government is withholding their approved claims and with this as their expression, those who paid would normally hate government for its ineptitude.  Racketeering and victimizing poor farmers should be included as offenses punishable by death penalty!


I received an early morning text message and it’s worth contemplating.  It says, “Laughing at your own mistakes can lengthen your life.” —Shakespeare.  “ Laughing at your wife’s mistakes can shorten your life.”  Shakespeare’s wife.  So there you are.


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