man and woman

I don’t understand women.  Not even at an age when sagacity would dictate wisdom and a broader comprehension.  Well, probably because I am not one.  I have lived in a world of manliness and men have their own idiosyncrasies quite different, if not wide apart, from that of women.  Problem arises when man and woman convene and analyze.  This is where their respective moods, disposition and biases would come into play.  This is where they will be separated if not arguably would be poles apart.

The nearest which I can approximate a woman is through the conduct of my mother.  She is the only person whom I looked up to, the manner, the means, the style and even in the mode I must enforce my principles.  A woman’s way is the most effective but only if I am a woman.  That is where the problem arises.  The quickest is to be a woman if one is a man.  The hardest however is to replicate awe and subordination in a manly way.

A woman’s strength lays on man’s perception of her weakness.   She cries and that to a man is a sign of frailty.  But she gets the job done.  If a man cries, he is fired from his job!  A woman spends a lot of time deliberating as if she wanted to test which powder shade looks good for her.  A man on the other hand decides on the spot as if the world is about to end in seconds.  Hence, man is greater than his female counterpart in war but a terrible worker during peace time.

Women delight in thoughtfulness.  They love everything that has emotional undertones—love letters, light fragrance, even token gadgets.  Men on the other side regale in something grand, monumental and at times on something monstrous.  Men easily forget details unless it has basis in trauma.  They never relish what is considered as trivial and a product of happenstance.  For the women, it is the other way around.

I have a lot of friends, men and women.  And they represent a different approach to me.  Men easily are amused.  Women easily get hurt.  Although both are quickly offended, the men merely would pose a challenge and thereafter, their pent up feelings are gone.  For the women, it is complicated.

Greek literature, the myth, specially is replete with a lot of instances on this great divide.  The good book, The Bible, offers numerous and very vivid descriptions  also in this regard.  Well, even medical science is more direct as far as difference is concerned.

We need not go far, those next to us, be they men or women, can already yield the necessary disparity notwithstanding the fad on unisex and gender liberalism is implored.

My point is this.  A woman will always be a woman.  A man is always a man.  No matter how physics and related discipline would define them as a single specie.  They may be related by way of evolutionary cooperation even by way of philosophical harmony but just the same they are to be seen as distinct and separate.

Be that as it may, despite a deluge of explanation, a woman for me is a mystery.  She is the only myth in my consciousness that deserves inscrutability.  She remains an enigma which could never be comprehended.

As for my being a man, I subscribe that he should forever be in the shadow of his woman.  There is no other way; for it is only in darkness when shadows are gone and eventually he loses his way.



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