end of the world

  1.  While it is true that the prediction of some Doomsday scenario followers did not come true, there is a lesson somewhere which is very basic.
  2. The cult-like prediction merely reminded everyman, the humanity as a whole, that indeed there is an end to everything.  It may come either on a predicted date or through a Mayan inspired superstition, whatever, but the proposition remains the same.  Life ends for everyone, no exemption.
  3. Life ends, time stops, the world is at a standstill.  History is concluded, current events terminated.  That is exactly what it foretells after death, after demise, after fall.  Mortality is written everywhere whether it is etched in stone (like in the ancient Mesoarmerican long-count calendar of the Mayan-Mexican tribe) or that which has been prophesied in the Bible (Daniel: 8:14 “ “Unto two thousand and three hundred days, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed,”).
  4. For the youth, it signals a beginning, a rebirth, a continuation of life.  For those in their twilight years, it is the coming of a finale, a closure, a definition of a hallmark, of going back to where all souls are,  a grand conference with the Creator.
  5. It has been said that the end of the world has been determined as early as 5,000 years ago by a tribe in Mexico, a community which has achieved quite an advanced procedure in estimating, using astrology, the fulfillment of an event.  Such event foretells cataclysm of a grand proportion.
  6. If at all this signifies an important phase in the life of man, it could also mean that after 5,000 years man would have been very different from how he was before.  And indeed, he was already a changed being.  He has a capacity to cure himself through sciences.  He has a capacity to communicate in seconds in every part of the earth.  He can even travel to other planets.
  7. Short of man translating into reality what could have been considered as mysterious before and probably is charting the means to transform what at present can only be understood as miracle, mankind is still processing and concluding certain stages he refers to as “end of the world.” scenarios.  It could very spell as an end, and end of the world full of ignorance on the sciences, an end of the world full of hatred, an end of the world full of sorrows, an end of the world replete with animosities.  And a new world where mortality is addressed, war declared as obsolete and love reigns.
  8. That is what “end of the world” possibly means.

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