compassMy dear children,

Not everyone shares the idea that there is something in the compass which could aid a person to get an advantage.  The Chinese are the first to explore this aspect and it covers much about what we refer to in their feng shui practices.  The same can be said in Europe particularly in ancient Greece where geomancy literally grew almost like a science.  But for purposes of simplicity, let me just refer a practical exercise of situating where we are and be on top of everything we do.


A basic knowledge of the compass is therefore required.  Of course, we know what and where North, South, East and West is bounded.  The trick is to check where the sun rises (at the equinox), it is East.  If you are facing East, naturally, West is behind you.  Now, move towards an angle where the East is on your right arm side.  You will be facing North and at your back is South.


East is where the sun rises and it means that life and happiness emanates from said angle.  In Biblical terms, the east signifies truth, wisdom and love.  The West tells us conclusion and fullness.  In North and South, there is absence of the sun and therefore both indicate coldness and seclusion.


Your very position therefore dictates where you can possibly appropriate energy.  Or incidentally may lose it.  Hence, if you want to sleep you must check where you are posited.  Even in meetings where you are required to be seated accordingly, you have to check the compass for the right angle.  If you intend to negotiate or convince anyone, try to move your position in such a way that the other party is facing north or south.  Better, that you should be facing the east.


Seasoned gamblers know where they should be, in a rather proper site, that is, positioning themselves in such a way as to gain advantage or invite what we refer to as luck.  Those who gain more are most likely facing the East.


This may also be observed in building a house, an office, a building or arranging a room or desk.  It could also be applied in trying to heal from an ailment or encouraging someone to recuperate.


There are also major religions which requires those who would engage in prayers to be situated due east.  This is because in the estimation of both science and religion, the sun is the center of life.  It gives life, sustains everything that pulsates and reinvigorates almost anything.  Given all the chemicals that make up life, the sun weaves its almost magical consideration to fulfill what could have been a mystical contrivance to build up and advance energy and animation.


Be wise therefore and be in the right angle, in the proper position.  Always remember that any incident tells us  that we are either in the right place and at the right time or not.

Know where you are at all times.

Your loving father, VJT


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  1. I haven’t used a compass in my 45 years of existence and I don’t know how to use one…maybe the reason why I get lost with my directions in life most of the time..! Life is never easy we need an aid an adviser to get through it all! Thanks again Sir chief for being a human compass!


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