Cynthia Andrada (her real name) is not one to be stereotyped as typical.   She breezed through every trial with serene acceptance and matured equanimity, what could have broken any one even if one is made of steel.  But not in her case.   She was calm and composed when faced with difficulties.

Let us look at her situation.

When she spent a vacation with her children in her hometown in North Luzon sometime ago, an accident happened.  Her toddler son was side swept by a careening truck sending the frail body of the child meters away.  Her eldest died instantly.  The most painful part for a parent is to bury her own child.

She was still in mourning and as yet to pick the pieces when she was informed that her husband was pinned by a protruding railing in the expressway.  Construction workers in nearby area had to use electric welding to cut off the steel that pierced, as in being speared—from the body of the man, as his torso was literally gorged through and through.  A few hours later, the hubby was brought to the hospital for extreme unction.  Cynthia took a leave in her office, went through normally and visited her better half in the hospital.  She was convinced that her loved one would not make it.  But the husband would recover after months of medication.

 She has as yet to adjust to her role as grieving mother and agonizing wife, when she would be facing one administrative query after another in her organization.  She must still work, a career woman she must still perform to assuage domestic equilibrium.  But she would be relieved from her post and would be transferred to another office, far from her residence.  She would find difficulty nursing her husband but she could only make some adjustment even if she would cut down on her time to rest.

At this time, she even went for the jugular.  As if her time is too limited for comfort, she took her masteral course, completed it smoothly and went through the doctoral degree course.  If she was being punished emotionally with succeeding painful events on her personal life, she would even haul over the coals, so to speak by pushing her mental faculties to the extreme.  A doctoral course is not for the faint-hearted.  It is never a prescription for contemplation.  It is pressure in capital letters.  She breezed through it.

Going through the pains of losing a son and formulating to heal her husband may be simple for those with unadorned minds but Cynthia displayed the intellect of an extra ordinary mortal.  She has the sensitivity of an academician and yet she has the capacity to be neutral and cold when faced with dilemma.

One day she would be recognized, another day she would be sidelined.  Intrigues in her organization may have sent many officers twiddling with their fate, cornered and depressed but not Cynthia.  She has retained her composure.  Call it grace under pressure.

There is nothing in her bones that could spell doom notwithstanding the fact that every instance in her system has been wrecked by it.

The woman is a definition of what resolute means.  She has never dropped her faith.  And probably, she is the only one who can lay claim of having to endure and withstand what many humans would fail to comprehend.


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