climate change

The increase in the volume of rain fall in Mindanao, as felt in most towns of Eastern Mindanao indicates the following climatic situations:

  1.  There are less vegetation to absorb and retain water hence as a natural course, water evaporates.
  2. Roots of hardwood trees which have a capacity to hold on water almost 200 liters per tree, when felled would let go of its retention capability and exposes the water to the elements.  As a natural course, it joins other exposed water for evaporation.
  3. The number of lumber derived from logging (both illegal and legal), cutting down hardwood trees wantonly or otherwise, contribute to deforestation and therefore exposes the soil to the elements and further squeezes whatever water it retains.  When hundred trees are felled, hundreds of thousand liters of waters are released, well, again for evaporation.
  4. Once water is accumulated to form as cloud becomes heavy, it pours and returns back the hundred of thousand liters of water down on the ground.  If the soil is loose, landslide becomes the order of the day.  On low lying areas, instant flood is noted.

flooded areas

  1. Considering the fact that lands are slowly transformed into subdivision and related housing communities, usually done without plan, would disturb the natural flow of water.  When a housing village is filled up, it closes the natural formation of land where water flows, resulting in blockage.  Flashfloods immediately appears.

baha 2

  1. Weather watchers are even baffled.  At a time when they have declared that the El Nino phenom is about to commence, the reverse happen.  Drought is expected but La Nina came as a matter of course.
  2. Even wind velocity would change its course as a consequence of cloud formation.  It reroutes air flow and when it is blocked by a phalanx of clouds filled with evaporated water, it literally constricts the air flow and a low pressure area noted.  When it transgresses the formation, the compounded air becomes a storm.
  3. In other words, climate change is not a natural occurrence.  It is a consequence when nature is reformed by man, who is also a part of nature.  Although he is a part of nature, he always reinvents it for his purpose.
  4. Hence, climate change as indicated in an equatorial island like Mindanao.

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  1. This phenomenon is just like a classic case of not listening to what our mother’s advise and following our own devised. Mother nature takes it toll and we are left to mend our role…


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