Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

This is my first letter to you—although I have written so much already, in some spare notebooks, loose leafs, blogs in my website at times in my stationery where I oftentimes would mark with some arrows and circled reminders.

I wrote just to express what I have felt the previous days.  You see, I had this skin trouble; others conveniently, for lack of any term or for sheer expression, would call it a boil.  In the vernacular, it is called “pigsa.”  It is one ailment common among people who defy hygiene, rarely takes a bath and had nothing nutritious to eat.  I was, of course, never in that category but I am suffering, quite ironically, from a “boil.”  My personal assessment of the skin rupture however was an effect of an insect bite.  I am certain that it was so.  But it might be a tall tale unacceptable and unbelievable for others.  Anyway, I must have to live with what others believe although in my estimation, it was the other way around.  That is right.  I was bitten by a venomous insect, probably a mutant cockroach.  Like any venom, it consumes that part or a greater part of the skin so that it becomes digestible for the insect later.  I was seen as a prey or probably, I was seen as a threat that is why the poor insect had no choice but use the only weapon it has—its venom, well, not necessarily to eat me but the sting could stun me in time for its flight.

That was where my trouble began.  There was this tiny lump first on my upper right leg.  A day later, it became a mound.  The skin around the pin head turned reddish and there was an excruciating pain.  A couple of days more, it was a sore spot which made me limp and inconvenient.  I could not stretch my body without screaming silently.  My nights were almost spent writhing in pain.  The feeling was like that of being burned.  Well, the recurring feeling was akin to that incident when one accidentally bumps a plugged iron.

There I was a fledging figure looking more like an orthopedic case.  Days more, the lump became ruptured but there was no pus yet as in boil.  But it indicates the look of a boil though.  There were signs of healing however.  But before relief came I have to undergo a series of herbal rites.  Some friends were telling me to see the Doctor or report to the hospital but I never experienced any other disorder.  I never had a bout of fever.  My tastes were still keen.  My vision was sharp as ever and my thoughts were consistent.  My smoker’s cough was still there as it were but it has no bearing with my skin predicament.  So, no sign of emergency yet.

The funny and amusing part of having this skin defect was the treatment process.  I was fond of the plant “kataka-taka”,a succulent bush.  Crushing its juicy leaf and applying it as pumice onto the defective skin may work wonders as it did before among my friends whom I recommended its use.  I recalled once during my juvenile years, I had this pestering wound on my knee.  I think I had it for more than several weeks and it won’t heal until I applied the crushed leaf of said plant.  I worked wonders.  In a matter of days, the wound was just a memory.  A few days later, this was followed by crushed cocoa fruit.  When it was applied, the feeling was cool but as the sap sunk into my skin, I had this feeling that my leg was on fire!  But in a way, it blunted the pain.  In other words, it was a case of pain overwhelming pain.

In my present case, I must have to factor a number of concerns first.  We had this predisposition with a genetic flaw on diabetes.  If I developed one, then my skin trouble would be just that, troublesome.  But there were no tell tale signs like blurring visions and general body weaknesses.  I had nothing of that sort.  I accidentally wounded my thumb but it  healed without treatment.   I was clean therefore.  So I might as well wait for time, for my strength and natural immunity to deal with the disorder.

It has already been two weeks and the wound was already beginning to wane.  The redness around the affected area was reduced.  The pain was also acceptable.  I walk with a little limp but unlike before when I had the impression that I was dragging the whole right feet just to move ahead.  I am trying to muster my mind to call on all my warrior blood, the white blood cells, to assault what is there in the wound and complete the healing process.  Of course, it is with the assistance of technology, like a regular dose of anti-biotic on the side.  Hopefully, a few more days ahead, the festering bite will no longer be visible.  I expect my leg to be suffer scratches, a sign of that the defect is on the road of being cured already.

I hope.




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