The Comelec has ruled and evaluated applications for the post of Senator and came up with a list of qualified personalities.  The list includes only 33 names. Earlier, the constitutional body has evaluated a number of names and thereupon issued a decision:   53 were disqualified.  Of the original applications submitted, 9 withdrew, while 9 declined.   There is also a list of prospective aspirant numbering 20, but they never proceeded with the formalities.

Of the 33 qualified aspirants coming from 12 known political parties, 12 are expected to be voted into office this coming May, 2013.

The following list (not in the correct electoral order though) has been grabbed from initial survey among the thinking class of Mindanao.  They are:

  1. Chiz Escudero
  2. Loren Legarda
  3. Ramon Magsaysay Jr.
  4. Ricardo Penson
  5. Alan Peter Cayetano
  6. Teodoro Casino
  7. Richard Gordon
  8. Grace Poe
  9. Jose Angara
  10. Eddie Villanueva
  11. Aquilino Pimentel
  12. Risa Hontiveros

Note that there are names from the list of 33 qualified candidates, which merely rode on the popular names of their seniors but are perceived as merely popular without legislative plans to offer, who were dropped.  The people, those surveyed, may have seen through it.

While there are familiar names which may be construed as traditional in the surveyed poll where the so called magic 12 has been chosen, they have successfully projected independence and competence in their chosen field.

In the surveyed magic 12 list, only 3 are experienced and elected Senators previously.  2 are virtually unknown in the political field, and 4 of them once submitted themselves as contenders in the highest office of the land.  All of them, in the personal and collective perspective of those who were asked, are considered youthful, idealistic and capable legislators.

The so called thinking class includes students, school faculty, those gainfully employed and professionals.  They represent the core of the middle class.  Unfortunately, in the Philippine setting, they only belong to the minority.


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