The Educational Value of Social Networks (My column in Daily Sun)

daily sun


by:  Ven J. Tesoro 

The Educational Value of Social Networks

 Facebook and other social networks including the use text messages have virtually encouraged everyone to be literate and electronic savvy.  Even a toddler can already access the internet.  In depressed areas where reading and writing are lost skills, they are instantly introduced and gaining a momentum with the introduction of cellphone in their midst.


China is planning to send a manned space mission in the summer of this year.  Naalala ko tuloy nung binalak magpadala ang pinas ng space mission sa araw!  Space authorities thought that it was impossible.  Pero sa gabi naman daw palalakarin ang space mission para malamig!


Pope Benedict XVI resigned the seat of Papacy on Thursday, February 28, 2013, a non-leap year month, the first Church authority to vacate in 600 years.  He is 85 years old and almost ailing.  If he is here in the Philippines, a lot of his followers might convince him to undergo stem cell procedure to live up to the age of 200!


Candidates for senators are promoting their program of government through television commercial plug ins.  It features promises of advancement and development.  Senators are legislators and never executives like those on the ground.  They are suppose to formulate laws and rules.  The hype they generate in their commercial spiels play on the guillibility of the electorate.  An insult to their intelligence to say the least.


Notes:  Congratulations to Rev Joel Tabada and his equally illustrious son, Rev Callum Tabada for the successful hosting of the 2nd National Conference of Prison Fellowship Ministry held at Brokenshire Convention Center, Davao City on February 28-March 1, 2013.  Retiring in the Prison Service without bruises—mental and physical, deserves commendation.  Ka Sosing Berroya merits such accolade.  Its March already, the month dedicated for all Women in the world.


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