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By:   Ven J. Tesoro



Kiram’s approach in sending combat troops to Sabah triggered numerous talks and even threatened the comfort zone of Philippine and Malaysian leaders.  Had it not been undertaken, the claims of the Sultanate of Sulu would merely be swept under the table.  Sometimes, geopolitics understands the language of violence more than overtures of peace.


There is nothing new when it comes to having fair weathered friends.  Manny Pacquiao had lots of them.  Well, they come mostly in pastoral robes.  Their motto as usual is “Nobody loves a loser.”  It is not true that the Pambansang Kamao is already endorsing products like sleeping beds and foams.


Juan Miguel “El Dinamita” Marquez ,some reports claim, is demanding a payment of $20 Million should the fifth and hopefully, final installment of Pacquiao vs Marquez materialize.  Better produce a low budget movie featuring Pacquiao vs Joey Marquez instead.  Although the real contenders are more hilarious.


Why don’t we transfer Divisoria to the Scarborough Shaol area.  That way we have a Chinese community who loves the Philippines (as a matter of fact, their nationality is Filipino already) and preserve the islets as ours.  Of course, this is crazy.  But a singer once put it, “call me maybe.”


Leadership at times can been seen through a bloodline.  The great kings and rulers of Israel came from the bloodline of King David, his son King Solomon, up to Jesus Christ, onwards to the family of St. Claire.  Nothing is wrong.  What makes it awkward and uncomfortable if not thorny an issue and problematic bordering on suspicions, is when the bloodline begins to claim several seats all at the same time.  Isa-isa lang and huwag naman sabay-sabay.


NOTES:  Birthday greetings to Msgr. Ernesto Esperidion on his 75th year.  Check out also ideas from, it’s very instructive.  Welcome home, Manny Patriarca, after spending a week at Thailand, he came back convinced that its more fun here in the Philippines (naubos pa pera niya dun).  Kudos also to Bucor OIC Rafael Ragos and company for representing the country in the recently concluded UN Conference in Thailand pertaining welfare of female prisoners.


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  1. glenda tensuan

    Belated happy 75th birthday Msgr. Ernesto Esperidion!


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