The Sabah issue is almost bordering into an international conflict between two allied countries in Asia.  But for most Filipinos, Sabah is a delicacy when marinated with brown sugar and made into a banana-Q!


 The result of necropsy  is out.  Stress aggravated fungal pneumonia is the cause of death of Lolong, the planet’s largest saltwater crocodile in captivity (a one ton behemoth at 6.17 meters or 20.17 feet)  as determined by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Well, captivity (17 months) reduced its lifespan, even triggered its termination.  The lesson here is this:  It pays to be wild if you want to live longer, not sometimes,  but all the time!


 Thousands of jobs but no takers says DOLE.  It has been said that in the Philippine setting, a family is already contented when one of the members is  gainfully employed.  When that member dies, get sick or terminated or separated, that sends everyone crying for instant employment.


 A big drop in the price of palay and climate change drive farmers to shift from farming to praying instead.  According to a partylist candidate, For one harvest season, farmers usually have a gross return of P60,000 for five months at palay price of P17.20 per kilo. Minus cropping expenses of about P40,000, that leaves farmers with at least P4,000 a month.”  That explains the fact that farmers and their families would rather migrate to urban areas to become househelp.  They earn more because of the Kasambahay Law, enjoy perks and other perquisites.  Yun nga lang wala na magtatanim ng bigas.  When confronted with this dilema, the farmers respose is,” hindi naman maiwasan kasi ang rice smuggling, bakit pa kami magsasakripisyo.”  So there you are.


Notes:  Happy celebration to the Correctional Institution for Women in Mindanao.  It is observing its March 6 soft opening anniversary.  It’s now on its 6th year, the newest correctional facility in the country.  On the board is the resumption of my radio program “Oras ng Katarungan” over at DXAM, 1017 on AM every Saturday, 10AM to 11AM, just awaiting for some formalities lang.  Scam artists in Mindanao shifted from easy money scheme to land speculation instead.  Mindanaoans beware!

(This is lifted from my regular newspaper —Daily Sun—column—Warden’sCorner.)


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