How would you like to find yourself in a dark room with a guy who is bald, with poor eyesight (who never blinks also), no eyelashes, no eyebrows, no forehead, snub nose, big mouth, no chin, no cheeks, without ears, without neck, without shoulders, very thin, without arms, without legs?  I bet that you will feel superior and a cut above the fellow.  You might in your imagination even feel that you are next to a patient in the orthopedic hospital.  But what if someone whispers that the fellow is the slithering kind, a real snake?


Mexican boxing great Antonio Barrera at the height of his pugilistic career and was beaten twice in a convincing manner by Pacquaio had a point when he was asked if El Dinamita Marquez had finally settled who the greater fighter among Marquez and Pacquaio is.  Barrera said, what broke Pacquaio was just a lucky punch.  And a lucky punch is so ordinary and it does not make anyone greater than any water boy in town.


Dr. Eric Tayag, DOH undersecretary revealed that there is an increase in the number of HIV cases recorded for this year compared previously.  He also disclosed that of this number, 82 percent were cases where males were having sex with other males.  At this rate, one day, the Philippines will be populated only by women!


Finally, the much vaunted relationship issue among candidates with direct lineage with their popular political relatives is slowly creeping and showing at the declining survey as their superiors are being lambasted and shoved into one scandal —even if shallow—to another.  The anti dynasty issue would merely militate against those affected.  Worst, the term relationship eventually becomes “relationshit!”


Headline:  Honasan files bill banning election surveys.  Pagkatapos niyan baka isunod ang pag ban na rin ng menu sa mga restaurant!  And then perhaps, banning weather forecasting na din.


Notes:   Condolence to my friend Bambi Tensuan.  His beloved wife Cheryl is already an angel in Heaven.  Kudos to Kraig Recalde, a musical wizard at a tender age, shades of his guitar legend great-grandfather, Ben Tesoro of the famous Hi-Jack Band of the 70s.

(This was lifted from my column “Warden’s Corner” in the Daily Sun.)


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  1. glenda tensuan

    I know someone born in the year of the snake whose balding and wears glasses “inahas sya sa akin” or should I say two snakes deserves each other..lifes punches were unbearable and unlike HIV where immune system is so low mine needs to be tamed…thanks for the condolement…


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