sick man

The business sector, the vertebrae of a country’s economy, is upbeat with the recent developments in industry.  It has been said that the Philippines is no longer the sick man of Asia but a rising tiger.  But the social divide is still glaring.  40% of the richest family control 75% of the country’s industry and economy.  If the rich sneezes, majority of the people catch a cold!


News dispatch reveals that over 20,000 Filipinos signed up for space trip( the 5th largest delegation among several countries in the world).  Hindi lang abroad gusto makarating ang Pinoy, miski na rin sa ibang planeta!


As enunciated by the Apostolic Letter of the Pope (Benedict XVI), October 11, 2012 up to November 24 of this year is called the Year of Faith.  In this country, there are two major religions and a number of sub-religions.  In prison, there are more major religions than sub religions.  There are also a lot of crimes made in the name of religion!


Gold, that precious yellow metal, lost 7 percent of its value in the last six months, according to the Head of Precious Metals based in Dubai.  Siguro naman hihinto na sa wakas ang mga naghuhukay ng gintong ipin sa sementeryo!


One upon a time, man was prey to a number of beasts on land, air and water.  Now, man has reversed it and in the process of wiping the former predators to extinction.  One day, man will be alone in the planet and he will eventually become a vegetarian he used to be.  This is the central issue of the forthcoming convention on endangered species in Thailand on March 14.  So start eating veggies and bless the beasts instead.


Notes:  Happy, happy birthday to my saintly wife, Libay Tesoro.  She never left the religious congregation at all despite a break in the past by marrying a man of the world.  Happy birthday too to Dr. Ernesto Tamayo, chief of Prison Hospital; and, Jhune Gonzales, chief of Prison IT Center.  Congrats too to VJ Tesoro for hurdling the screening process and become a scholar of Tadeco Agricultural Pilot Training Program.


(Lifted from my column in Daily Sun)




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  1. glenda tensuan

    So glad our country is recuperating and I thought it’s suffering from cancer…


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