tax cuts

There is a link or a pattern in the use (or misuse) of government funds disbursed and allocated to certain beneficiaries but made through NGOs.  In the past, only NGOs were a trusted lot in handling funds.  Government agencies were suspect and so they must have to conduct their services through NGOs, especially in distributing goods and related provision to an identified beneficiary (like farmer groups, etc.)  Now, everyone is suspect.  Worst, NGOs or not, the poor never gets its assistance.  Lagi na lang  pamagat  ang mga mamamayan sa mga kalokohan.


The Supreme Court in its recent (Feb 13, 2013) decision suspended a lawyer for notarizing a document in the absence of the person executing it.  If the penalty is imprisonment, sa dami ng notaryo na nakapwesto sa tagiliran ng LTO, BIR at sa ibat-ibang sangay pa ng gobyerno, lalo na sa Recto, malamang sumabog na ang loob ng bilangguan sa sobrang dami ng nakakulong na!


The quest for peace sometimes is broken because of money.  Had Sabah authorities took note of the demand of the Sulu Sultanate in its move to increase the rental of that piece of land in that country, violence would have been averted.  Sabi nga ng mga nakaka-alam at mga negosyante, pera-pera lang yan.


The judiciary is in the thick once again.  Instead of declogging its dockets and issuing orders and decision on cases which have lodged on their files and tables since God knows when, here is a case forcing the Supreme Court to suspend its rules and take cognizance of a case.  And to think that the case involves only the manner how a tarpaulin is hanged on the walls of a remote chapel in the Visayas!


Pope or none, majority of the Filipino believers are never disturbed at all.  Their faith remains strong, solid and intense.  Only the rich (and some government officials) are anxious and worried.  Wala silang mapupuntahan sa Roma para sa photo op nila at sa pag gayak sa Europa.


TV personality Anne Curtis does not feel the need to apologize for the ASAP incident where she was singing under a shower.  But she has learned a lesson.  She will never take a bath wearing a dress!


NOTES:  Senate Bill 3335 has been approved.  It is aimed at strengthening the organization of the Bureau of Corrections.    Greetings to New Zealand Filipina nurses led by RN Flerida Ruth C. Tesoro.  Kudos to Ms. Arlene Cruz of CPSC for her superb literary feature in their CPSC Magazine.  Congratulations  Henry Ponce for his  superlative rendition of  landscape photography.  Best wishes to PG Amor Casamina for successfully hurdling the masteral program at the University of Mindanao.


(Lifted from my daily column on Daily Sun.)



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