If there is a law that would remove the power and capacity for any elective official to explore and exploit contracts and limit its power to supervision and formulation of programs for the well being of the people, then it would no longer be an attractive incentive to hold public office for the shady kind.  Only those with a heart to help people will remain.  Those who intend to earn and amass so much will just be turned off.


Election fever is catching up and it is, as usual, reaching the deadly pitch with the fatal shooting of a village chief who was running as vice mayor in Masbate, followed closely by numerous death threats on candidates which as the election date draws nearer, it would, as expected, a murderous pick at the finish line.  It is also a season which insurance companies have marked as a sad period for their business.  On the other side, it is the funeral business which is enjoying briskly its ventures, not to mention church services and cemeteries.


Juan Manuel “El Dinamita” Marquez was finally persuaded to take Pacquaio for the nth time, but this time for $20 Million, as his former purse of $6Million paled in comparison.  That’s the price of a lucky punch.  Marquez’s should be lucky to get that much.  Assuming that the fight is agreed on proposed date this coming April, Marquez may play it safe, hop around the ring to evade danger, jump a little for theatrical and after the final bell, run laughing all the way to the bank!


Meanwhile, Pacquaio can just go back, basking in his fearsome posture once again and may opt to go back where he left of—-as a TV host, concert wannabe, legislator and perhaps as a budding pastor, whatever.  He will no longer be the pain reliever king, or an endorser of sleeping beds but he may regain his commercial luster by appearing in ads for government conditional cash transfer.  The million dollar purse for Marquez, it must be said, is a genuine conditional cash transfer scheme!


Over in London, a Scottish cardinal who was a staunch advocate of the church teachings against homosexuality was charged for homophobic conduct and hypocrisy and has admitted of committing homosexual acts—offenses which he blames others—this time,  against his fellow priests and visiting seminarians.  This is no longer a rehash of that novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, but perhaps another sequel entitled, Mr. Hide Hides.


NOTES:    Senatorial candidate Ricardo Penson is a lighted candle in the dark.  There is still a glow in the political firmament.  Hello to correctional officer Pearly Placido, a consistent reader of political views, Imelda Lapitan, a favorite mother figure of Dapecol personnel in NBP; the Bucor-ODC gals and guys—Arlene, Fe Emy, Isa, Nida, Janus and Jonathan.  Greetings to Gambino family—Ong, Yet, Sosing,Iboy, Toti,Onju, Inin, Rich, Edgar.  We salute the ICRC Davao:  they conducted a comprehensive review on the security and program administration of Davao Penal Colony which resulted in significant institutional accomplishments.

(Lifted from my daily column —Warden’s Corner—in Daily Sun)


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