The Malaysian government has unleashed its dogs of war, unsealed its battle armaments, let loose its armed might, set out its fighting troops to check the alleged beligerency of a Filipino sultan and his royal followers.  The cost for warfare including the casualities, at the moment, exceeded already the cost of rental increase demanded.  What could have been a landlord-tenant argument became an international concern already.  Somebody must remind the protagonists, especially those directly concerned,  that an exchange of points on the table is more significant to settle misunderstanding more than an exchange of bullets in the air.


There are 11 Filipino billionaires who were included in the 2013 Forbes list of the wealthiest in the planet.  One of them is Henry Sy, the owner and founder of SM malls, housing and …..  His fortune began during Martial Law, a time when there was almost a capital flight.  Business almost stalled at a standstill.  Sy did not believe that commerce was a contradiction of a totalitarian regime.  His mantra is instructive:  “Buy properties when there is blood on the street.”


Of those 11 identified Filipino billionaires on the list, 10 of them are of Chinese extract.  Looks like the Philippines will never achieve a puritan state in its progressive status without Chinese blood.  Jose Rizal’s genealogy came from the Chua of China, the same is true with mother and son President, whose bloodline, Conjuanco,  came from Chinese ancestry.  The list is long.  Removing them from the consciousness of the Filipino is like taking away in our household everything Made in China!


Popular names win elections as the saying goes.  But it has not reached the strategic proportion yet.  Otherwise, aside of the surnames Binay, Estrada, Enrile, Magsaysay, Aquino as surefire formulas, some wise guys may attempt  to use Rizal, Mabini, or even Obama as their political names to hoodwink the gullible voter.  The enterprising may even include in his name a  trendy product, continuously advertised on TV, print and radio, like Alaxan, Biogesic and Tide!


NOTES:  The TUCP partylist leadership pledged to support and sustain legislative advancement in the field of corrections.  The heart of every correctional officer is naturally  with this crusading political group.  Greetings to Uncle Greg and Auntie Ann on their Wedding Anniversary.  Good wishes to Dada Totoy, the only remaining woodscraftsman from Paete who introduced furniture making without spikes and adhesives, a rare artist in our midst.  Greetings to Tony Florido and family.


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