A Davao community leader was shot dead.  The casualty was at the fore front of, and perhaps in connection with, the incident where the supply depots of DSWD—where stocks for distribution to Pablo storm victims are kept—were raided by disgruntled recipients.    Accordingly, distribution was sluggish and hunger was stalking the refugees, hence the forcible break in.  That unpleasant case could have ruffled some feathers and disturbed the usual grind.  Back in the storm ruined community, a gun man waylaid the social activist—the leader of the food foray— and as the latter moved around, was, on the spot, exterminated.


Filipino refugees are a notch higher and perhaps more decent than their counterparts in the other countries.  Here the storm victims, or any victim of calamities, would merely beg their way to survive.  The most violent would be to raid the warehouse where relief goods are kept.  In western countries, looting is the order of the day.  Groceries, stores and other establishments are violated at will.  Walang ganyan naman dito sa Pinas.


The MRT bus experiment, an approach to assist commuters and unclog the over burdened coaches of MRT, never made it smoothly on its first day.  It is not the engine that conked out, nor the limited fleet did it expose on the ground.  It miserably failed to deliver its attempt to help commuters because MMDA traffic enforcers made it hard for the transport approach to proceed in a silky way.  Instead of one government agency helping another, it is one agency trampling another that gets in the way of progress.


A Paris based study revealed that food high on salt content may lead to debilitating illnesses like multi-sclerosis, arthritis and psoriasis.  Salt according to the findings pushes the immune system of a person to attack its host rather than protect it.  So never mind if your food is bland, it is healthier that way.


Talks on the arranged fight schedule of Manny Pacquaio have been sounded once again.  Unlike before, there were no more sparks of attention.  Not that the people do not want to see the pambansang kamao claim another fistic triumph anymore, but that the fans do not want to be disheartened once again seeing their former ring hero use the canvas as sleeping mattress!


It is almost expected that whenever fighters go into some kind of action, there will be casualties.  Deaths and scores of injuries in the disputed area in Sabah by Sultan Kiram’s armed group and the Malaysian armed forces are no longer the stuff that makes news.  Fatalities are as certain as night and day.  Accordingly, in a world where the rule is an eye for an eye, there will come a time when all the survivors of the game will all go blind.  When that happens, the all seeing eyes of the entrepreneur will take over.


On the Sabah tug-of-war, it’s a pity to see two representative protagonists who are from the Malay race knocking and killing each other down for a piece of land which belonged to both of them.


NOTES:  Greetings to Rudy Diamante for sustaining the move to promote restorative justice against all cultural and traditional odds.

(Lifted from my daily column—Warden’s Corner—in The Daily Sun.)



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