The recent spate of murderous incidents in Boracay island, which involved foreigners who are literally residing as investors and entrepreneurs in the resort isle indicate the effects of commercial competition and personal vengeance gone wild.  The recent shooting incident and death of an Ati native spokesman brought the issue to the core.  Why almost all establishments have foreign sounding, foreign tasting, foreign style ambience in a place where the natives were virtually driven out.  The spokesman was silenced.  Shade of USA before it was invaded by European.  The native Indians of the new world were almost driven to extinction too.  They only come alive in western films!


The same can be said of Davao province.  There are 14 tribes occupying the flat lands, hills, valleys and mountainous area of the province when adventurous migrants from nearby islands came and provided a generous application of their entrepreneurial spirits.  They came in droves, with picks and shovels, with a handful of capital and an ambitious plan.  They have overrun the natives with their zeal and predisposition to hard work.  Result:  Davao is almost a Batangas annex, a little Cebu, a look alike of Divisoria, everything outside of Davao while its native denizens retreated back to their mountain lair, only to appear as beggars whenever there were parades and anniversaries celebrated downtown.


The dispute of land ownership on the Sabah issue can best be addressed in the international court of law.  We can send delegations to said body.  We must have to address all these pressing issues without resorting to violence or anything that would reflect abrasiveness.  Even the China Sea and the Spratly issue could also be conducted in a similar manner.  We must behave as a part of a global consortium where laws and rules dictate our policy direction.    Gone were the days when braggadocio and being cantankerous are qualities of leaders.  Those attributes merely consign their territories in the backwater of regression.


A Filipina went to Phuket, Thailand as a tourist to explore what has been a secretly and exclusively circulating formula used by the native Thai in their famed silky smooth skin.  She was marooned in a resort and was given a cocktail of exotic drinks for starters.  And at the end of the beauty road show, a small bottle was handed over to her for her complexion.  That was after all what she came for.  And to her surprise, it was the ordinary virgin coconut oil we have an abundant of.   One need not go to Thailand to improve the tone of your skin texture.  Your friendly neighborhood convenience store has it on its counter already!


The Pope is the symbol, the leader and reign supreme on all matters pertaining the Church.  He is the rock, the protective Peter, the fisherman follower of the Lord.  As tradition dictate, there should always be a Peter, hence the fisherman’s shoes to be fitted everytime it is needed as a matter of succession.  It has always been a tradition too to elect an Italian as Pope.  But that tradition was set aside when the conclave voted  a Polish national.  Every nationality, including the Filipino, is fair game therefore to be the next Pope.


AT A GLANCE:  Author of Escape from Davao, John Luckaks intends to build a war memorial in Davao Penal Colony for American and Filipino prisoners of war.  Greetings to all graduates, March is graduation period for the Academe.

(Lifted from my daily column —Warden’s Corner—in the Daily Sun.)


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