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The world is still astounded.  It is smarting from the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.  In a world used to value success and privileges, to shun and turn your back on it is almost a response considered out of this world.  From Head of Vatican City to a simple pilgrim by personal choice, Bishop Ratzinger has made a decision to the consternation of the Church hierarchy.  Papacy is difficult amidst the scandals and challenges it is embroiled.  Why go down the cross?


 It seems that there is a paradigm shift.  The simple life, contrasted from a sophisticated one, is the new successful life.  Before, to be on top was an end in itself, to be desired, to be sought, to be dreamt even.  Now, to be the least, to be modest, to be unprivileged is to be triumphant.  The Pope’s resignation triggered this change of outlook.


 Baguio City’s famous 105 year old market will be replaced by a modern commercial building.  The country’s summer capital is undergoing some facelift.  And why not.  Before it was a place desired for its numerous pine trees and highly forested.  Ngayon ang Baguio ay para ng depressed area na tinubuan ng bundok.


 When I was young I used to marvel at the sight of native Igorots proudly moving around in the pebbled walks of Baguio streets.  It is their home, it is their paradise.  Now, they are just a memory.  Well, some of them are still there but they are there actually humbly manning parking lots already.


It has been said that in advanced countries, when one retires, he literally lives an easy life.  Pension is high and can sustain everything a pensioner wants.  Over here in the Philippines where we also have the same social security set up but have little collection effort and if there is remittance, pegged on a miniscule cost compared with its counterpart in other countries, when a member retires, what he gives brings back to him.  He gives a little; he receives the same little consideration.


 AT A GLANCE:  It is Araw ng Davao on March 11-17, 2013.  Davao City is the de facto capital of Mindanao. Also, the biggest city in the Philippines in terms land size.  Greetings on their natal day go to:  Henry Ponce, topnotch photog of Laguna; RJ Gayundato; Accountant James Davide; PG Rocelee Ang; Corrections officer Boy Peralta; Teacher Clemencia Padon; and IT Chief Jhune Gonzales.  Condolence to the Geronimo family of Muntinlupa City, Bobot, the youngest of the boys, crossed over.





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