Our country, our beloved native land

philippine native land

Years ago, our country was referred to as Kidnap capital of the world.  And then, it was said that we are in the top 3 of the most corrupt country in the world.  Thereafter, pundits said that we are the sick basket of Asia.  And now, Senator Santiago claimed that we are the world capital of political dynasties.  We are indeed world class on the reverse side.




On the positive side, according to a worldwide survey, we are on the top 10 of the happiest people on the planet.  We are the most hospitable country in Asia.  We are a people who smile a lot.  We are the only country in the world that laughs at ourselves.  We even had a President, who garnered the largest electoral margin in history against his closest opponent just by issuing a number of jokes, insulting ones at that, on himself.




Since its election campaign period, expect the worst stories on your favorite candidate.  If one would take note on every news dispatch regarding a particular contender, one realizes that all of those running for public office are all villains, nincompoops, incompetents and mentally challenged.  If you would care to listen how the aspirants describe their opponents, you would be convinced that our country is on the verge of being taken over by aliens already!




News dispatch:  Christian Emmanuel Mancao, of the Philippine Society for Stem Cell Medicine (PSSCM), said stem cells could not be turned into powder and put in vials because the body needs it alive in order to multiply and replace dead cells.

He said the stem cells must be injected into the body for it to be effective, and consumers must also ensure they use only products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  If you may, we could just revive the practice of our forefathers by consuming one fresh egg in a single gulp.  Of course, don’t include the shell.  That’s the cheapest (and safest too) stem cell procedure we can afford.


AT A GLANCE:  Pope Benedict XVI was flown to a remote retreat camp where he intends to spend his remaining years through contemplation and prayers.  He will be a pilgrim up to the time he crosses over.  March is declared as International Month for Women.  March also is significant in Europe because it was the day when the French Revolution began.  The French revolution was the template Andres Bonifacio used in waging a revolution against the Spanish government in the country.



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