ninoy on sabah

The Kirams of a Philippine sultanate is forcing the issue of ownership based on an understanding from the former sultanate who used to be the owner of Sabah.  To prove his serious intention after years that nothing happened through diplomatic channels, he went for the jugular by sending his royal troops to occupy the land by force.  Accordingly, he was only enforcing his right over the property.


 The idea was not quixotic to say the least.  It was a realization that the rental which was annually given was perceived as merely token and too cheap based on present day currency conversion standard.  Failing to get an upgrade, warriors of the clan pursued what they believed as an ancestral concern and consideration.


The Sabah claims thickens by the day.  First, the conflict began when the clan of Sultan Kiram decided to force the issue outside of diplomatic channels.  Secondly, when trouble began in Sabah courtesdy of the Sultan’s so called royal armed followers, the Malaysian armed forces responded with equal military might.  Thirdly, when battle broke out, government felt that the conflict had been prepared by people identified with the previous administration out to humiliate the present leadership.  Now, the table has been turned.  Accordingly, the Sabah issue has been settled in favor of Malaysia by the Cory government, something which the present dispensation cannot re-write anymore since it has been dropped in constitutional language.  The plot not only thickened, it has congealed already.  The name of former Senator Ninoy Aquino is even dragged into the controversy.


 Sabah is indeed a bone of contention.  Malaysia’s prosperity came from the natural resources (oil) of  Sabah.  Given Sabah’s potency, the Philippines would have equaled Japan’s affluence.  Malaysia’s might came from the natural weath of islands under its federation.  The same might that is used to batter migrant Filipinos in Sabah.  Our military could only watch from the sidelines scratching their head instead of rearing for combat.


 To achieve peace, prepare for war.  To be employed, get education.  To stay healthy, indulge in nutrition.  It is a truism.  How can we say we have the integrity to defend our countrymen when we could not even protect them in the neighborhood.  Yet we have the temerity to pose as if we can make things happen.  Mind you, Sabah is not just a piece of empty land.  It has citizens all over the area.  How can we convince the people of Sabah to be Filipinized when our currency is almost P14.00 to their one peso (1 Malaysian ringgit)!  It is like asking them to lose. 


 AT A GLANCE:  Mayoralty candidates in Manila traded barbs:  Lim says Erap is a criminal.  Erap says Lim is iyakin!  The election of Pope by the college of cardinal has one issue to respond:  the Papacy as symbol or as manager of the biggest establishment in the world.  The Bureau of Corrections has a new Prisons Director, retired PNP Chief Superintendent Franklin Jesus B. Bucayo, once head of PNP Region 1 and formerly chief of PNP Human Rights Department.


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