pope election

The Lord Jesus wondered in the dessert and in one occasion was tempted by the devil.  The Lord was promised a grand office from where He can dictate on all mortals, a position desired by anyone who wanted to rule the world.  The Lord quickly dismissed the temptation.  That scenario is reflected on the Bible (Mathew 4:1-11, NIV).  And now the world is closely watching how the Pope (representing St. Peter, the closest disciple of the Lord)  is to be elected to occupy a grand office, a post that can dictate on all mortals, a position desired by a select few to govern the biggest establishment in the planet and literally rule the world.  What an irony.


 For those who wanted to personally witness how the conclave works or how the Pope is elected, watch the movie “Angels and Demons” by novelist Dan Brown.  You will become familiar with how the formal ritual is conducted.  The story was written in the Masonic tradition of objectivity.


 The Papacy has been referred to as the “Shoes of the Fisherman.”  There was also a movie with the same title starring Anthony Quinn.  It was a story of the Pope, a good film, a classic one.  It restored the Papacy on the pedestal of decent thinking and made the spiritual office a source of philosophical strength.


In Rome, the seat of Vatican, when you say papabile, it means a spiritual leader qualified to become a Pope.  In the Philippines, the term papabile when used in the vernacular, is different.  It is oftentimes used as a question like:  Ano ba ang gusto mong papabile sa akin?


 Cardinal Luis Tagle, the Philippine archbishop representing the country in the 115 member College of Cardinals who stand to be elected and who is likewise one of the voters, is emerging to be the most talked about cardinal in the Roman Church circle.  At the Sistine Chapel where the selection is conducted, a sign is expected from outside.  As of late, only black smoke comes out from the chimney signifying that there has been no selection made as yet.


 Finally, the white smoke.  We have a new Pope, Argentine Jorge Bergoglio, the first from the Americas and the first from outside Europe and he took the name Francis.  Bishop Bergoglio is our Pope Francis I.  For a while, before the announcement, when white smoke was emanating from the top of the chapel, a group of Filipinos were ecstatic.  They thought that it was a blessing for them already!  The smoke smell of adobong manok kasi.


 AT A GLANCE:  Happy birthday to Angela Sarah Ponce-Valdellon of Paete, Laguna and to Dapecol Accounting Chief, James Davide.  Favorite quote from Facebook:  “True Leaders do not create followers; they create more leaders.”  Congrats to PGs Roel Somogod and Rica Montero for graduating in a masteral scholarship course at the University of Makati.


(Lifted from my daily column—Warden’s Corner—in Daily Sun.)



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