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The Christian world has a new Pope, Argentine Jorge Bergoglio, who will assume as Pope Francis I.  He is the 266th in the line of succession, the first American (from South America) and the first one elected from outside Europe.  The selection was announced through a white smoke from Sistine Chapel early 2am, Thursday, Eastern Meridian Time, March 14, 2103.


 The first pronouncement of the new Pope, Pope Francis I is centered on brotherhood.  It was precisely the principle from which St. Francis lived his life.  His “Urbi et Orbi” was a short acknowledgement.  Before he gestured for blessing, he asked that he be prayed for first.  He is well aware that the Papacy is a big burden to handle at a time when spiritual formation has been taken over by technology.  His predecessor is already on tweeter.


 Saudi has dropped beheading as medium for executing its offenders sentenced to death penalty.  Accordingly, executioners are too busy and could not come on time.  So there was a shift:  (Death Penalty Abolition advocates don’t rejoice yet.)  these time its firing squad already.  Oh, well.


 The first official picture of the new Pope is like a congregation in a Hospice for the Elderly where senior citizens in red robes were in a celebratory mood.  Who says that the old and ageing had no more uses?  In a global monolith like the Church where homosexuality is one of the scandalous issues it has to overcome, there are minor issues that, in effect, provide a countervailing force.  In the Philippines, there are more priests who sired children outside of their monastic vow than perceptions of being gay.  Although a times, it is interchangeable.


Some enterprising wine manufacturers wanted to capitalize the papal name for their commercial venture.  They wanted a product that will threaten Carlos Primero by offering Francesco Primero!


The ascension on the papal throne of Cardinal Bergoglio made a lot of first in the annals of papacy.  The first Jesuit priest, the first from Americas, the first non European (since the 8th century), the first to assume the name of Francis.


AT A GLANCE:  Vatican corrected the name the Pope assumed.  It is not Pope Francis I but just Pope Francis.  Greetings to Karlo Ernesto Tesoro for designing Lady Gaga’s outfit during a European show.  Prayers for the health of Msgr. Ernesto A. Espiridion who is on the road to recovery from a bout of a fatal ailment. 


(Lifted from my column—Warden’s Corner—in Daily Sun.)

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