election dynasty

Election time is also a significant entertaining medium of Philippine society.  Here you will discover truths and untruths.  It never fails to amuse the people, hearing as it were, secrets, at times matters, which are never discussed in decent conversations.  Mayor Lim bad mouthed his opponent and yelled “criminal” on the face of Erap.  And to think sometime ago that Erap was even raising the hand of candidate Lim.  Erap on his part revealed that Lim is a confirmed weeper, always shedding tears. Zubiri at the end of a talk show disclosed that Pimentel was a wife beater.  Senator Santiago bewailed all her colleagues in the Senate as practitioners of corruption.


This should be impressed upon all casting a moistened eye on Sabah, political or industrial.  This by all standards should be reckoned as a matter of course before anything else.  Sometime ago, in 1963 to be exact, Sabahans (citizens of Sabah) had a referendum where they opted to be under Malaysian sovereignty.  Now, where will that inherited proprietary right comes in and how are we situate Philippine diplomatic mission on ancestral claim gets into under this political air.


Have these people running for a Senate seat tried running the affairs of their Barangay?  At best, in their own local village organization, have they any instance promoted or tried to sponsor an activity that would benefit the entire neighborhood?  If none, then their attempt to seek higher office is suspect.  What is their main purpose therefore?  Power?  Influence? Wealth?  History?  All of the above?  Then where is the function of legislation there?  Legislation should be for the people unless of course the orientation has been changed to legislation for some selected people’s persuasion.


Before, to banner an anti-corruption program as an election battle cry was almost seen tongue-in-cheek.  Aquino pursued it with a passion of a fanatic.  To date, at the rate the Aquino government has been pursuing this election promise, it is almost succeeding to the point that to a large extent, the bureaucracy has internalized its principles already.  From there investors are attracted, business became smooth, and economy is moving forward.  Honesty indeed is the best policy.


AT A GLANCE:    Newly appointed Prison Director Franklin B. Bucayo in his first day at the Bureau of Corrections implored  “Law and Conscience:  as the basis of his administration.  Kudos to the Human Resource Department of Tagum Agricultural Development Corporation for being awarded as one of the best employer in the country by the Confederation of Labor and Employer; to AVP HR Emmanuel  Patriarca and Supt Verm Miguel-Bilog. 



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