Portentious occurrence


Looks like the Philippine cultural profile is changing with the times.  In the past, suicide is almost never heard of in this shore.  We are more homicidal than suicidal.  Martyrdom may be but dying for something never, even if the lyrics of national anthem “ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo” implores.  It is only in the song.  In reality, the Filipino is a survivor. 


Now it is different.  Sometime ago, a nine year old child hanged herself because of poverty.  Later, a juvenile high schooler jumped from the fourth floor of a mall down to the ground floor.  Then, a depressed patient removed all his medical tubes and jumped out of the hospital window.  A yuppy and an accomplished businessman threw himself out from his condo veranda.  And many more. All of them met their Creator in their chosen instance.   Unlike literary giant Ernest Hemmingway when he blew his brains out, Filipinos never resort to deciding on their fate until lately.  A sign of times?


Pope Francis has been proudly known as “slum pope” in Argentina’s poorest district.  The Pope may also be interested in the Philippines where slum is a way of life.  Here is a situation where hope beacon’s the poorest and marginalized sector.  There were heroic efforts, most are spiritually pursued, to eradicate poverty in the face of the planet.  But still, poverty haunts the global community as if it is a curse.  There is no solution in sight to address destitution.  And so, we are stalled but must do something.  For the Papacy, it  is something like, “if you cannot beat them, join them!”


The death of a UP scholar in her own hands is incomprehensible.  A scholar may die challenging the establishment or in some military prisons or in snake bites in some mountain lair.  Scholars are most courageous when pursuing a dream, most audacious when adhering to a principle.  They are weakest however if the school from where they receive their strength would turn their back on them.  That is when they see the end of life.  In this case, UP authorities have a lot to explain.


 It could have been a good occasion for the highest leadership of the land to issue a snap decision.  He should have FIRED all the UP officials who have something to do with ignoring the plea of a scholar for financial reprieve.  The scholar should have been referred to a lot of alumni who have made a fortune already—and they are aplenty.  But to issue a statement that the scholar should take a leave, or shun schooling is like throwing one’s child into the ocean.  Such act of barbarism has no space in UP!


What these UP bureaucrats did to Kristel is like what the Taliban terrorists did to Malala Yousafsai,a Pakistani school girl who was shot in the head because she wanted to go to school.







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