suicide 2

History has a list of high profile suicide.  We have of course known that former apostle Judas Iscariot hanged himself after betraying his master.  His effort however never gained any pity or sympathy for him later.  He was detested even.  Literary giant Ernest Hemingway decided that time is up and blew his brains out.


Among the most notable, we have Billionaire Howard Hugh who piloted his plane and flew nowhere;   famous singer Whitney Houston took drugs and drowned herself; controversial actress Marlin Monroe, George Eastman (inventor of camera and Kodak) after he got bored experiencing paralysis; and German strong man Adolf Hitler, who never wanted retreat and could not accept defeat.


And in contemporary times.  We have Michael Jackson, UP scholar Kristel Pilar Mariz Tejada and earlier, Dennis Aranas, crime witness in Ortega slay, —.  Taking one’s life takes a lot of approaches and circumstances.  But it only signifies that these people never allowed nature to take its own course; they took over natural occurrence.  Some are bored, negligent, depressed, frustrated, disturbed, discouraged and grieving.  Well, some of them would have a helping hand somewhere.


History also would point out that the Japanese Imperial Army flew a group of youthful pilots to attack Pearl Harbor and in a deadly encounter, to win and gain supremacy for their country, these ultra nationalist airmen would plunge their plane headlong on targets in a suicidal attempt to win—they are the so called “divine wind” or the kamikaze.



Senator Miriam Santiago, whose son died of suicide, quipped “Life is misery.  When you are born, you are programmed to die.  If all of us had the choice, all of us would refuse to be born.  Do you want to be born to this life and die?  And if you don’t die outright, you get sick!  And as you get to learn to love all these people you grow up with, they’ll die before you!”  She even expressed something like, “Why struggle and pressure yourself to be famous and accomplished when after dying you are immediately forgotten?!”


AT A GLANCE:  Pope Francis would celebrate Holy Thursday, not in the Vatican as tradition would have it, but in a prison for youthful offenders.  Some politicians would take the low road and even encourage to be dragged into showbiz intrigue just to woo the votes of the masses!  Congratulations to the 2013 Bar passers.  949 passed out of 5,686 who took the grueling exams or a measly 16% successful hurdlers.  In India, there is no Bar exams.  After graduation from law school, he can practice law already.


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