old man A

Veteran soldier T/Sgt Tranquilino Cabiling may not sound a bell but he is considered the oldest living mammal in the list of military pensioner at 112.  Asked about his longevity, he claimed that he has no vices—he never drinks and womanize.  He added that he never eat meat, only fish and root crops.  He even bragged that his teeth are still complete!


Headline:  “INSIDER, 6 OTHERS ON PALACE SHORTLIST FOR 2 VACANT COMELEC POST.”  Something is remiss in the process of appointing officials to sensitive posts in government.  The first consideration is never competence or accomplishment.  It is more on a personal knowledge of the person rather than his record that takes the cake.  One can already see how appointing authorities value government service.  They would rather pick someone they know personally, rather than those who are considered experts.  I doubt if they use the same standard in selecting a physician if they are to undergo surgery.  Pipiliin din kaya nila yung barkada nila na tambay ng ospital o yung mahusay na doktor? 


The Chiz-Heart teleserye is already heading towards the climatic edge.  The people are agitated at each argument.  It was designed actually to bring a name in the limelight, to bring the kilig factor which the masses relish.  But there are episodes that could turn the plot into a tragic end.  The same can be said on the Kris-James Yap drama anthology.  Real life, real people, real issues fictionized by the times.


It is ironical that those who dropped out from school are today’s the most prominent, wealthiest and most influential, whose wisdom the world cherishes.  We have Steve Jobs who made digital technology within reached through his Apple computer.  And Bill Gates who popularized Personal computer programs; Mark Zukerberg who made Facebook; etc.


 AT A GLANCE:  Birthday greetings to Bong Feliciano’s better half, Madam Josie Lacson Feliciano, many,many more birthdays to come!……  The Philippines landed as one of the top 30 friendliest countries  among 140 countries in the world. ……. Kinchay is the chopped green decoration in our pancit.  Boil some chopped leaves and drink it.  Your kidneys will be reborn says a study. …… Condolence to the Jorge family.  The oldest career Prison Superintendent Jorge of Davao Prison and Penal Farm at 96 however crossed over a couple of days ago. 


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