Remember Kabang?  It is a dog.  Its snout was fractured after it saved its master from a fatal accident.  Kabang was helped by no less than a top government official.  It was immediately referred to plastic surgeons abroad to save its looks.  Now, a retired prosecutor of Cadiz City who is about to be operated on for heart bypass needed funds for the medical procedure and has asked assistance from the same official to help him also  facilitate the issuance of his hard earned lump sum pension.  It has been two years since he retired and he has not received any response yet.   In this country, it is still better to be a dog than a lowly bureaucrat.


949 out of 5, 343 successfully hurdled and passed the 2013 Bar Exams.   The recent Bar Exams is the most difficult, considering the fact that the number of passers is the lowest in 13 years.  Had the Supreme Court not lowered the passing grade (from 75 to 70), half of those who passed would not have made it.  Hayyyy,  dadami na naman ang nag-nonotaryo nito.  They would add into the most crowded profession in this country next to nursing.


When one hears “Tulfo”, one immediately infers braggadocio.  The Tulfo brothers indeed are a bunch of passionate kids ready to rumble at a sign of disgust.  I am never an admirer of these hard-to-please denizens until I heard by chance a radio program by one of them.  It is Raffy Tulfo’s “Asintado” radio slot.   From there on, I would set aside a time every afternoon not only to hear but to relish how he solves social and communal problems.  From there on, I became not only a follower but a fan in capital letter.  Truly, Raffy’s aggressive and superior posture in helping people in distress is worth appreciating.  In my book, Raffy is one great public servant.


Well, come to think about it.  First, we have a Pope, who would retire because of physical infirmity.  But Papacy is for life.  Yet the active Church must fulfill its obligations to the flock.  Hence, we now have two Popes.


Political dynasty (families rule 78 of 80 provinces)  is a bane and therefore should be weeded out of the political mainstream if not from the electorate consciousness.  That is in the Constitution but the problem is, we have no enabling law.  Lawmakers do not probably intend to formulate one.  It is up to the people to vote who, belonging to a political dynasty or not.  The real problem is that political dynasty at times is mistaken as genealogy.  There is nothing wrong when our leaders came from the same bloodline.  From King David came King Solomon down to the Lord Jesus onwards to the Sinclair family.  Nothing is wicked there.  What is unacceptable and seems the order of the day is the incompetence of those elected.  Well, people deserve their fate.  As the saying goes,” ginusto mo yan, dapat masaya ka.”


AT A GLANCE:  Birthday greetings to Uncle Ben Tesoro, a guitar legend;  also, to Correctional Officer Roger Boncales, Michael Barlaan, Tracy Soriano, Generoso Esculto, Jocjoc Magana and my consultant, Joel Villanueva.  On the other side of reality, Inquirer columnist and former Supreme Court Justice Isagani Cruz, 88, silently moved to life hereafter.  His columns were a discourse on law and considered a perfect prose dedicated to love.


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  1. Good day Sir! I wanna ask if there’s a local manual about standards on prison design. I am currently an architecture student and I need this for my thesis proposal. Thank you for your help Sir.


    • Mr. Jham, greetings. There are available books locally pertaining Philippine corrections and in this case, a specific website like the one you are reading. Unfortunately, there are no manuals or standards pertaining designs of prison facilities. What the Bureau of Corrections has are plans and draft designs by its engineers and it is never close to any standard. There was an attempt before using the Korean Don Shin dormitory building design but it was merely used as template for a particular prison administration. Every prison administration has its respective design in its policy and it has never even transcended or developed into a template or a standard. As far as Davao prison is concerned (the facility which I am currently managing), we rely on ideas based on Australian designed facility. It is closer to our mandate of rehabilitation and security. Visit Australian prison in the internet and check on their designs. Regards. VJT


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