A village in San Fernando, Pampanga is preparing for the influx of around 50,000 people out to witness the traditional crucifixion rites by one of its penitents this coming Good Friday.  I was reminded of a sitio in Bulacan which was renamed as Baranggay Pinag-mumura which came about on the same penitential rites held a number of years ago.  Accordingly, a number of fanatics crowded at the foot of the nailed penitent when a burst of gun fire was heard.  There was pandemonium and the people quickly disappeared as they ran in different directions leaving the crucified penitent alone in his cross.  Nervous that the stray bullet may hit the penitent, he cried repeatedly “ Mga  #@%%*%#@ ninyo, baka ako tamaan ng %$#@%^ niyan! Hence the new name of the Barangay.


Australian Warren Rodney, after 15 months (or 1 year and 3 months) in captivity has been successfully redeemed in the amount of P7Million by his Australian backers.  That means that KFR (Kidnapping for ransom) in Mindanao is alive and kicking.  It has never even waned from its category as a fast and rising cottage industry!  So those whose skin is white, especially those locals taking glutathione, skip the southern islands if you have no money for the ransom.


2013 is a year of entertainment controversy.  First, there were the Shine-Cesar jealousy raps.  And the three-cornered rough debate among Madam Miriam-Senate Prexy Enrile and Senator Lacson as they wrangle one insult after another onwards to mudslinging and as they eventually are thrown almost into the gutter.   Then we have the Chiz-Heart  Shakespearean love story, followed by the Kris-James a la Kramer vs Kramer soap opera.  And out from the blue, Anne Curtis’ provocative outfit.  Suddenly, the Lenten season has become a Chismisan  period in this time of year!


“Observe Lent while on Holiday” says the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines, while it addressed the faithful in the forthcoming long week-end.  Lent here does not mean the past tense of “lend!”  Hindi ibig sabihin niyan dapat tayong mangutang ng mangutang!


Pope Francis flew to the papal residence in Alban Hills south of Rome where former Pope Benedict lives hidden from the world as he wants it.  The historic meeting and luncheon of two Popes since 600 years was noted presumably to discuss the future of the Catholic Church.  Here are two leaders with two different orientations, almost poles apart.  Pope Benedict pursued a conservative outlook while Pope Francis is more pragmatic and liberal with bias in favor of the disadvantaged.




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