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It’s a dog-eats-dog situation and public safety is always threatened.  Before, if one is a whistle-blower, or a crime witness, most likely, the person is fair game.  Now, even if a person does not exude any material significance or social import, he is already a potential subject.  Government is rendered helpless and the only recourse is good old faith and reliance by loved ones on fate.


An Australian national who was held captive for more than one year has reappeared and rejoined his family after paying ransom.  Just the other day, a missing ABS CBN employee went missing and after 5 days reappeared, a victim also of kidnapping.  And there are countless cases of this nature which unfortunately have not been featured well because media’s attention is elsewhere.  No one is safe in our streets anymore unless you are armed.


How parochial and limited are public interest on issues today.  Instead of determining the difference between Liberal Party and UNA, between Sabah and a Sultanate, between Philippines and Malaysia, we are more conversant with what is happening in the bedroom of Kris and James!


An international study revealed that workers are more effective if they use in work their personal tools.  Accordingly, employees worked faster, happier and less stressed.  The private sector knows this intimately; hence they provide their workers company based incentive like company cars, computers, etc.  If government supplies personal computers to its workers as incentive and allows its use in the workplace, performance will likewise be enhanced.


Pope Francis emphasized during the celebration of the Mass that in his country, “burial shrouds do not have pockets.”  Greed, avarice, covetousness have no significance when one leaves this material world.  Yet some people crave and desire to the point of exploitation and crime.  Because of this war, violence and economic conflicts predominate the landscape where humanity is situated.  Hence, a few mortals are surrounded by symbols of power, amidst an ocean of wounds and sufferings.


The Pope has therefore rerouted Papal direction shunning the trappings of Papacy in favor of a collegial and simple style that harks back on the roots and ministry in slum areas.  In his homily, he urges the people to be “humble and young at heart.”  This is a quality not only for leaders to reckon but for all people to live in peace and harmony.


 Finally, the ABS CBN administrative officer was found although still in a state of shock.  She was brought by group of vendors walking aimlessly near The Mansion in Baguio City, unkempt and disoriented.  She merely filed some documents at BIR in Quezon City when she was abducted.  After a few hours, she was dumped in Baguio City.  She must have been mistaken as an Amazon or someone related to the rebels.  Her abduction smacks of a military type arrest—swift, organized and highly objective.  Had she been snatched by criminal elements, she could have been desperately thrown in nearby cliffs or numerous precipices in the mountain region.



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