Every blog in town and correspondents of every stripe had frenzy writing about the episodes on Kris-James and Chiz-Heart incidents.  Every national issue of importance was sidelined when these two opera began to unfold to the consternation of the people.  Both carry a popular name and all are celebrity in their own rights.  I wish to add more to what has been said, this time, in my capacity as a psychologist.


Come to think about it, both Kris and Heart are overgrown girls, sheltered and almost shielded from the pangs of reality.  For them, all of us live in their world.  They grew up thinking that the human race owes them a lot and so when they encounter conflicts, we are dragged into their make believe corner.  Both are wholesome figure though.  Both are pedigreed and to a manor born.  There is no bone in their constitution that would spell erroneous.  They must be saintly to say the least, at the most, very weak, vulnerable and gullible on the ways of the world.  Their strength is on their innocence and they easily become prey to predatory opportunists.


In other words, only a few men would dare approach these delicate figurines.  They are after all breakable and costly to maintain.  Only those who have known how to handle sensitivity are fit to check them out and usually, these are men of the world, the experienced, the married ones and those who led complicated lives that can understand and play along the interests of these grown-up damsels.  Hence, for starters, Kris had Philip Salvador, married and senior by several years.  Heart on the other hand had Jericho, although a bachelor had a child out of wedlock from a previous relationship.  It will not stop there after a failed liaison.  They would get into the same situation after the next.


These girls despite reaching the age of majority would still be perceived by their families as special.  Not only are they the youngest in the brood, they are literally the muse and feminine counterpart of Peter Pan, the boy who refused to grow up.  In their minds are preserved the fairly tale of innocence.  Their ways are pure, their intention unadulterated.  Despite the accidents of life, they are virtually virgins and chaste to the bones.  The world is joyful once they express their love.  Their unhappiness and discontentment, on the other hand, fan the flames of sufferings and sorrow.


For these princesses, love is the highest accolade to be offered at their feet.  The reason why they are drawn to elder men, to men of substance and accomplishment, to men senior to them is the quest or expectations for the “last love.”  Like in their respective family, where they are the center of the universe as youngest, they also enjoy the so called last love.  In turn, they would expect from their future relationship the same condition, that is, to be given and be treated as last love, in contrast with first love.  Single men are ignorant and even moronic to spell this out.


Parents take note.




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    In Jesus name….Amen..


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