The year 2013 celebrates World Sleep Day—an annual event that focuses on the  celebration of sleep and a call to action versus important sleep-related issues.  It has been said that there are conditions like respiratory disorders, changes in sleep cycles or rhythms, medical and psychiatric illnesses and increased medicine use that results in sleeping disturbances.  This eventually lead to less quality of life, depression and anxiety, slower reaction time, memory problems, issues with balance and vision increasing risk of falls and even death.  Luckily, there is no problem like this in government service since most of the front line workers are always asleep!


A few months ago, a police precinct was permanently closed down when newly appointed PNP Chief inspected the area and found his entire beat policemen lined up neatly in their air-conditioned office in deep slumber.  Of course, what happened in the police precinct and on that fateful sixth round of the Pacquiao-Marquez trilogy have nothing to do with the celebration of World Sleep Day!


A smart inmate once professed that even if government will not grant him a reduction of his penalty of six years imprisonment, he can still cut it down to a half or three years.  Asked how he would do it, he quipped that he would just sleep 12 hours a day or half a day during the period!


After the devastation experienced by Fukushima from that deadly tsunami two years ago, the town has literally been reconstructed and almost restored to its former glory.  That is one advantage when government is competent and its workers disciplined to the core.  We could only appreciate these considerations from a distance and wish that we could also do the same here in  storm devastated areas.  But we are still a far cry from what is means to be competent and disciplined.  While Japan seriously worked to make things happen, we, on the other hand would just pass our time laughing our blues away.


Gone were the days when one with a skeleton in the closet is almost treated like a pariah.  Gays were seen as abnormal and any gender challenge was viewed as an ailment.  Now, approaching almost like a fad, clothing are designed for unisex and hair salon for both sexes are everywhere already.  Names formerly associated with men are now used by women.  Some celebrity are into cross-dressing and in time, gays and lesbians have attained professional respect and recognition.  It is not surprising that the next level for this social evolution of sexes would be the formal arrangement of relationship as in gay marriage.  I will not be startled anymore if one day, after my tutorial in martial arts,  I would find my burly mentor wearing his wife’s curlers!


Those who are still dazed with incomplete or disturbed sleep should be wary and cautious as you take your snack in some glitzy bistro or stall.  In Japan, 5 customers were downed after drinking a bleach-laced beverage.  A few months ago, a number of students were bundled and rushed to the hospital after consuming spaghetti from a popular food chain.  Better take your snack, or at best, just eat in the safety of your home.



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