HongKong top court denied two Filipinos the right for permanent residency or to own real estate properties in said country.  So what is the big fuz there?  These Filipino litigants should go home instead.  If HongKong laws do not squarely meet your expectations, don’t attempt to force your own and believe that their laws would crumble on your knees.  Sometimes, some people believe that laws are there to be interpreted in one’s favor.  Worst, some would rather act as if they are from the place although they are seen more as slaves than pets.


South Korean immigration authorities apprehended a fugitive, Park Sung-Jung, a Korean, who figured in a $25 Million investment scam after he successfully eluded Philippine immigration agency, slipped past the cordon, treated with deference and got a number of privileges instead.  The Korean scam artist may provide a good testimony that it is more fun in the Philippines!


Writing about the entertainment industry is more fun than taking up issues outside of it, like in the realm of public service or politics.  The writer is even encouraged to write anything—right or wrong—-about an entertainer because they subscribe to the belief that “good or bad news, is news.”   They must be embroiled in a scandal or controversy so that their names will be recalled.  When the time comes, they bag a good role and in the process, can demand an equally good pay.


In politics, while the approach is almost similar, the process is however replete with danger for the spinner.  Politicians in the course of promoting themselves are in effect exposed to a lot of insulting insinuations and black intrigues.  Media is quick to reflect these and in the process, those caught repeating the charges, are exterminated outrightly.  Bad news in politics invite fatal response.  So why write about it and glorify.  Let the politicians slaughter their own kind.  After the final count of fatalities made, there will be instant tranquility.  That way, the world would be cleaner and easier to live in.


The open season of blaring loud speakers has arrived as soon as the day for campaigning on the local government starts.  Various sounds, mostly irritating have polluted the tranquil morning of rural areas.  People knows it as ritual although they are resigned that far from the time they would reflect whom they wished to vote, the tally sheet has already been prepared already.  For as long as established families have grown deep roots on local politics, the ordinary people, the struggling masses, are still immersed in a situation where their very condition may be seen literally as slaves.  Rural areas in the country is still very feudal to say the least.


The Holy Week was concluded in the traditional rite of “Salubong” but of course what is more exciting is when those who took time to spend vacation in their hometown and trek back to the city for work would bring bagfulls of “Pasalubong!”








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