WAR: Made in Korea


The new face of Korea has emerged and it is even competing with advanced industrial countries in the world—and on the verge of winning.  A few years ago, Korea was already flattered when compared physically with its fellow Mongolian (yellow) race, the Japs.  Koreans would even be proud if dressed like a Jap combat soldier.  In Japan, slum areas are mostly occupied by Koreans.  During World War II, Jap imperial army tapped volunteer Koreans as ground forces.  Filipino guerillas swore that Koreans in Jap military column were the most ferocious.


Korean “kimchi” is almost a favorite part of the Filipino dining table like the achara.  Some appliances and vehicles in Philippine household are made in Korea.  A lot of Korean made items is also  preferred in ukay-ukay stalls.   Almost perennial in every subdivision of a major city is a Korean family.  Contrasted with Japs, the Korean has a family in tow.  There is a Korean resto, beauty salon and grocery in every major city.  Unnatural before, but now there is a Korean even in penal colonies!


Now, Korea no longer needs any nation to prop itself.  It could stand on its own.  The problem however is that Korea remains divided and poles apart.  There are the North Korea and the South Korea—both enjoying progressive leadership and administration, but remains aloof and virtually suspicious of each other.  And there is a tendency for each side to outsmart one another—politically, economically and militarily.  If no one blinks, then war, as the North declared—could signal it’s complete, both countries, annihilation.  If at all Korea will be incinerated by its own firepower, then the smoke will pervade the whole of Asia and the smell of the mouth watering Korean Bar-b-Q will permeate history.


  The Philippine economy is taking off.  This at a time when developed countries especially those in Europe are facing problems of bankruptcy.  Cyprus is one.  It is on the brink of collapse.  Neighboring countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal are suffering from cutbacks in health care and welfare benefits.  Over here, we are formulating extension on the definition of cash transfer to the marginal communities and contemplating on increasing provisions for labor and senior citizens.  A long way perhaps for success to cascade down to the grassroots but we are moving towards that direction already.


Check your favorite artists on YouTube and you will be amazed and entertained no end.  During the long week end (Holy Week), while trekking the cliffs and ravine of a southern volcano, I took a rest in caves and with my internet ready computer checked on the video clip of artists in the 60s and 70s.  Watching them perform was a treat.  Suddenly I felt that I was in my early teens.  The wonders of technology!  I consider myself and all those who are internet literate the luckiest people alive.


Asia according to UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction is the most disaster prone region in the world.  But since Asia is equatorial and virtually in the tropics, it can easily bounce back and restore itself after every calamity.  Asians are also the most adaptable and adjustable people in the planet.  They can smoothly blend and harmonize with the best and the worst the world could ever impose on any person in the whole universe. 


AT A GLANCE:  Birthday greetings to my baby girl “Ritsuko!”  Greetings also to a good friend, a loyal consultant Sir Jose Maria “Joel”  Villanueva.


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  1. glenda tensuan

    Credits goes to Psy for that Gangnam Style….


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