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A picture of the missing Jonas Burgos , supplied by someone in the military service, was produced indicating that indeed the military  was in custody of the person since he was abducted and directly pointed at the possibility that it has full knowledge on his whereabouts before he disappeared.  It has been six years already since Jonas has not been located yet and the military is mum about it until recently, the Court of Appeals handed down a verdict that a military officer along with his unit was determined to be liable.


Of course, it is not the entire truth yet.  The mother of Jonas wanted to know where her son is.   It is not enough to say that some people have been identified to be responsible for her son’s disappearance, the closure of the case must also provide the entire picture like where is the so called corpus or body of the subject.  Until such time that this specific detail could not be ascertained, the truth still evades the people.


Players of puzzles would feel a certain degree of frustration too if they have a missing item.  What more if that which is missing is a significant member of a family.  The Burgos family has all the reasons in the world to press government on their quest for the whole truth.  The President has recently directed NBI to conduct a focused investigation to flesh out the real score.  Maybe, NBI could enlist its forensic counterparts in USA, using advances in law enforcement and investigative science, to help in determine with accuracy the truth on the Jonas disappearance case.


The significance of this move will discourage and throw out of bounds any agency that would impose disappearance of people in its list of enemies and eventually will force them to use the judicial system in dealing with conflicts.  That is the democratic way.  It may be a bit slow, haggard and gaunt but fairness dictates that it is the only humane and just way to achieve evenhandedness.  The court of law, whatever defects it may have, is still preferred than skipping conscience and living at the edge outside of integrity.


While the world celebrated Pope Francis’ spiritual reckoning of the poor, where Christian direction is to be focused on those in need, here in the Philippines, a predominantly Christian nation, where the poor should be revisited and their welfare attended to, poverty gave a face on the recent suicide of a promising scholar who was denied by her school for failing to pay her tuition!


Families whose members are already elected and whose close relatives are likewise elected and are now seeking reelection wanted to project that they are there to promote the law even if they are fully aware that the Constitution disqualifies them from running for public office.  For them, the Constitution is just a piece of paper.  But when they perceive a disadvantage, they run to the Supreme Court and pray for Constitutional help!


2 QC restaurants, comedy bar shut down by BIR for tax violations” says the news.  Assuming that these establishments have a combined working force of 50, then government has virtually sent these people to the list of the unemployed!  We are quick in closing down establishments even if there is remedy yet.  Why not garnish the bank account of the owner and lift it upon satisfaction of the tax instead of locking up the establishment.  It is like throwing a grenade on a house full of guests just because the owner is adversarial!


A bishop announced his suspicion that Presidential sister, Kris, whose future plan includes taking up legal education, may eventually throw her hat in the vice presidential race in 2016.  That is not libelous.  That is speculation.  That does not even reduce Kris into a villain also, although the Bishop made himself cheap for, well, rumor mongering.  While the new Pope has ushered a new dimension on faith by focusing on the poor, here is a Church prince trying to recreate another layer by entering the field of entertainment industry.


The good Bishop should have been worried at the present crop of those running for elective position and not speculate on prospects of those he anticipates as planning for run for the 2016 election.  As it were, he is only trying to ride on the crest of controversy and perhaps increasing his visibility and perhaps his credential so that he could be appeased to ignore, (I hope it is not)  for a price, those who are glaringly worth condemning.

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