North and South Korea historically are at odds and suspicious with one another.  And it takes a youthful North Korean leader to out rightly declare war.  Not only to South Korea but also to the mightiest power in the planet, the USA.  This is a classic case when political dynasty rule.  The North Korean ruler is the son of the former North Korean ruler.  Not only was the name and predisposition passed on genetically, the perceptions, sentiments and biases are also preserved for continued hostilities.


Over here, we are pursuing a Balikatan exercise with US Military, the purpose of which is to provide our soldiery with exposures in military training and related combat exercises.  The danger here is that, the North Koreans may misinterpret it as a joint operations and preparations against them.  When that happens, our country will be involved in a lethal war without our intent or knowledge.  US military minds are smart.  They will project their presence here so that we will be the target and not their mainland!


The past week, the President vetoed (or returned back) draft bills intended to become part of our laws.   The Chief Executive does not like the draft Magna Carta for the Poor because according to him, government cannot produce the trillion of pesos needed yet.  And the other, a draft bill relaxing the height requirement for jobs in criminal justice administration.  When these bills are being discussed, there is a representative or a liaison officer of the Executive branch around.  The Liaison officer should have reported to the President and the national leadership should have telegraphed back to the Legislative branch his response so that after the bicameral exercise is done, the draft law is refined from all corners.


Looks like North Korea’s belligerence to flex its military muscles could no longer be contained by neutral parties.  The leadership of the youthful Kim Jong Un is serious to the point of declaring war against its surrogate sister state, South Korea and the latter’s active sponsor, US.  As a matter of fact, missiles and nuclear arms have been aimed at these two sites.  Unlike the secretive Japan in the 40s, the Nokors are vocal in their intentions and they would match it with powerful gestures and material threats.  Nokor can indeed engage its enemy tit for tat.


US, on the other hand, can always bank on its unmanned aircrafts (drone) and the special forces to do the bidding.  Gone were those days when platoons and bomber planes with trained pilot gunners are sent.  Now, it is backroom computers that resolve conflicts.  As it were, Nokor’s twitter account has already been hacked.  In time, Nokor will be technologically blind.  Before they can wipe their military eyes, their entire power could have been wiped out already!  Bin Laden’s fate could be a testimonial instance to explain this.


I had an argument with someone dealing with government.  The client expressed frustration over the kind of service he is getting.  He cried that government is sick.  As a government worker I tried to be protective and even acted as a defender.  But I was floored eventually.  The client asked me if the President if at all he get sick would seek a friend or the best physician to heal his ailment.  Normally, anyone would respond that the best physician would be a choice.  But the client went on arguing that those the President appoints are his friends and not the best or experts.  I could only reply in a wimpy manner that probably the President would rather have his friends than doctors to treat him accordingly.


Not until our political leadership would treat government like their personal health and safety would it improve to the point of progress.  As it were, government service remains fledging and unfortunately still sick.  Ironically, those at the helm are excitedly at the top of their games with pockets full of prosperity!

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