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A study recently revealed that sitting for more than five hours a day would most likely invite a chronic disease.  Hence, on line journalists, drivers, desks jockeys, radio announcers are at risk, if they are 45 to 65, to contract diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.   The research also noted that this observation is prevalent among men than in women.


Another study was nearly concluded defining pain as it is experienced by men and women.  Accordingly, women tolerate pain better than men.  It has been viewed that women undergo monthly periods and childbirth, a visually painful episode, which most men would rather not go through although biologically impossible.  While this observation remained empirical, the study noted that estrogen in women flood their bodies with “feel good” chemicals capable of overriding pain signals.  The lesson here is clear:  Men should never challenge women if their (men folks) threshold for pain is not significant.


Beware of FLU.  That’s what the summer message should be.  Please consider the following health bulletin as projected by media and tucked in between inside pages almost printed in passing.  It says:  “First case of bird flu hits the Philippines.”  This is followed by:  “Flu season hitting its peak! And, “Scientists:  Bird flood can spread by air.”  Then, “Vietnam bird flu rises to 39.”  Another warning is:  “Athletes are prime spreaders of Flu and Colds.”   Worst, flu vaccine is limited and for the poor sector, the cost is almost unreachable.


It pays to be cool always.  A recent report revealed that daily stresses are directly linked with long-term mental illness.  The study likewise debunked what for decades have been a mantra and a famous quote as promoted by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche when he said “that which does not kill us make us stronger.”  It has been noted that not only major life events but also minor emotional experiences contribute subsequently to the development of mental illness on the person.


Whenever I am peeved at the undisciplined driving habits of public transport system (buses, tricycles, motorcycles), I always think about what Rolito Go, the infamous prisoner who was charged of road rage and penalized with a life term in the penitentiary, as he, one day, confessed his sentiments to me by way of unburdening his frustration.  He said, “Sir, I am literally paying more than twenty years in prison for that three-second anger I expressed.”


Here is a new coordinated food review.  Taking in less salt and more potassium reduces the risk of stroke and could make you live longer.  Now, let us translate this into our everyday food intake.  It means that we should eat less daing and should always have a banana after every meal.  In other words, studies found “that reducing the amount of salt in a diet can lower blood pressure, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke.  Additionally, an increase in potassium can also help heart functions without adversely effecting kidney functions or hormonal levels.”


It has been said that children of better educated parents have healthier diets.  This is because they read a lot, they analyze so much and they are concerned about current events.  That should not however deter people to be health conscious whether educated or not.  Puericulture centers in Barangays should be active in promoting hygienic and other health measures to their constituencies.  And this should include the proper intake of nutrition and diets.


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