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One way of knowing if you are healthy is the regularity of your metabolism.  One thing is sure.  If you are sick you barely could eat, excrete and function properly.  Be conscious of your routine therefore.  It is a rule which everyone must adhere if you intend to live longer and enjoy your wellbeing.  Be consistent with everything you do.   Don’t even bother to cast suspicion on getting old.   Recent studies even suggest that ageing is a form of sickness.  It can be avoided if you are unswerving with everything you do since your youthful days.


Make pineapple that simple fruit found in every market place and street corner, a regular part of your diet.  It works wonder with your health.  Let us listen to this.  Dr. Dan Hammer, a New York sports medicine and rehabilitation expert said that “Pineapple contains bromelain which is used by gastroenterologists to treat gastrointestinal disorders.”  Now, what is bromelain?   Medical science says that “bromelain helps the pancreatic cells break down food substances so that they can enter the energy pathways.”   Our pancreas holds the key to our future health.  Sustain it with pineapple and make it strong.  If it’s in shape, then one’s physical condition is perfect.


Those into yoga may find this acceptable.  And those unfamiliar with yoga may perhaps find time to revisit this ancient Indian exercise.  It is not actually a contortionist procedure.  It is more on settling down in one corner.  Yes, it is yogic but for our purpose it is good old meditation.  Medical studies reveal that “meditation helps a person to better control stress, which then allows the body to metabolize food more effectively.”  A common form of meditation is to remain motionless for a few minutes in one corner.  Concentration is needed as in trying to feel the cadence of breathing.  If it results in calmness then one has completed meditation already.  This is just for starters though.


Now, let us be a bit methodical by following a simple formula in meditation.  “Sit comfortably, spine straight, eyes closed with hands resting on the knees.  Take a few long slow breaths.  Exhale to “empty” the lungs by squeezing the belly button back towards the spine.  With a one-two-count (one is the exhale, two is the inhale) continuously exhale forcefully.  Create a rapid pumping action of the diaphragm with all the focus on the exhale.  Let the inhalation be automatic—let the breath flow back into the lungs by itself.  Exhale 40 times.  Then slow down to normal deep breathing and concentrate on the still within.  Repeat the series two or three times,” says a certified classical yoga practitioner in US.


Life is better served also outdoor.  Adventure is more fun and beneficial.  The point is to get more sunshine.  If a person is deficient in Vitamin D (that which can be derived from the morning sun), their metabolism may be slowed down.  It is therefore a good and wholesome idea to strive for a 10 minute of sunshine per day.  It makes a person youthful, vigorous and in good physical shape.


And finally, the best prescription for healthy living is this:  Laugh more!  Researchers estimate that laughing is equivalent in energy expenditure as in a rowing machine or on an exercise bike.  In addition, according to sports medicine expert, laughter results in a reduction of stress hormones, which can help in metabolism.  Laughter has also been shown to positively affect blood sugar.  Put all that together and the evidence suggests that he, who laughs last, may also be the fittest!”




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